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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 28th, 2010

Advertising is the key part of business marketing. If the advertisement succeeds, it can mean big profit. Advertising requires innovative thinking in todays world because the traditional advertising mediums are becoming very expensive. A well thought advertising that is different may create a big impact. But advertising is not being given the attention it deserves. As soon as the profits go down or the market scenario looks bad, advertising expenditures are cut first. How much do you know about advertising in a business? Please quiz yourself about that.

What should be the ideal percentage of advertising in total marketing expenditure?

Should the advertising expenditure increase with growing business or decrease?

Which advertising media should be used for advertising in a very low budget?

Should every business advertise in the beginning?

Are advertising professionals must for getting the best return out of the expenditure?

Is a small market survey about advertising effectiveness always necessary before full-fledged advertising campaign?

Do women add value to advertising? What if you are advertising nuts and bolts?

These are some small questions that I have raised about advertising in business. Please think about the answers. Advertising is tricky, because wrong advertising means total loss. There is no scrap left to recover anything. It is like a bad dream, but it costs. A business succeeds if the advertising succeeds at the right budget. Please try some more quizzes on your personality and career and improve your performance manifold.

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