Picking the Right Packaging Tape

Posted by Petter Morisson on June 4th, 2021

Adhesive tapes are also known as parcel tape or packaging tape. Based on the kind of packing and the material used in packing, there are many types of 3M adhesive tapes for specific materials and kind of packing. This article discusses various kinds of adhesive tapes and their particular uses, so that you can pick the right packaging tape according to packing needs.

And, if you are to seal or pack something, picking the right adhesive tape can be bit confusing and also overwhelming because, adhesive tapes too have their weight, and aesthetic appeal in sealing a package.

Why is it important to pick the right adhesive tape?

Tapes are used in almost all industries for a variety of purposes. Let this guide about adhesive tapes make things a little easier and clearer. Because choosing using the wrong adhesive for your application can be damaging for the packed products, resulting in increased cost, production downtime, damages and waste.

1.      Hot-Melt Tape (Synthetic Rubber)

Hot melt tapes are tear-resistant adhesive tapes generally made with a polypropylene backing. The supportive back adds to the strength and durability of tape, and prevents it from tearing under load and pressure. Due to its strength, low cost, and initial quick tack properties it is considered ideal for carton sealing, and also for corrugated applications. One downside of hot-melt tape is that over the period of time it will change its color and turn yellow. However, this coloring is way slower than those of solvent based tape. Being a low-cost adhesive tape, hot melt tape is used for sealing of large proportion of carton-sealing. Most adhesive tape manufactures use the hot melt process because it produces less waste and is more environmentally friendly. A quick list of the properties of hot-tape include:

  • Performs well in high temperatures ranging from 45-120°, making it tolerant to a variety of temperatures and wide range of environments
  • Consistent bonding helps increase productivity in carton sealing applications
  • Reliable industrial carton sealing tape
  • High strength and tear-resistance allows it to withstand higher forces
  • Popular for industrial use for sealing, packing and general strapping applications

2.      Water Based Acrylic Adhesive Tape

Acrylic adhesive tape can be used a wide range of materials including glass, cardboard, metal, wood, and many plastics. With the recent advancements in technology and materials, acrylic carton adhesive tape has become highly popular for industrial use, and in many cases it is preferred over hot melt adhesive tapes.

Acrylic adhesive tapes are medium priced, all-round general purpose packaging and sealing tapes. They are remarkably resistant to high temperature. Due to their clarity i-e transparency and resistance to coloring, acrylic tapes are highly popular for packaging when aesthetic appeal is also one of the considerations. They are ideal for use in consumer products and food packaging industries. A quick list of properties of acrylic tapes goes as:

  • Ideal for extreme temperature applications, offering thermal stability from 32-140 degrees
  • Resistant to coloring, weathering, tearing, and sunlight
  • Over the time the seal strengthens increases, because the acrylic adhesive seeps into the fibers of the box
  • Transparent and clear in look makes it aesthetically appealing, and allowing it to remain color-resistant.
  • Durability and longevity makes it ideal for cartons that have an extended shelf life
  • Ultra violet resistance over extended periods of time

3.      Solvent Based Tape (Natural Rubber)

Solvent based tapes form a strong and lasting bond. They are ideal for sealing inconsistent surfaces on cartons, and also for extreme temperatures of 0-150 degrees. Solvent based tapes withstand high humidity or dampness. Since solvent based tape is natural rubber tape, its color is darker than the other two types of tapes. This means it will not get yellow over the time. Natural rubber is a high performance tape, which makes it the most expensive tape available. Few other characteristics include:

  • Perfect for a wide variety of surface conditions and applications
  • High performance, aggressive quality, more adhesion, and long term adhesion make if perfect for long term packaging
  • Performs exceptionally well even in extreme temperatures
  • Ideal for poor or recycled corrugated applications and cold packaging
  • Perfect for export packaging


In case you are still not sure about the perfect type of adhesive tape according to your packaging requirements, contact us today and speak to one of our Packaging Consultants. We know the importance of your packaging needs, and that is why we are reliable and experienced acrylic adhesive tape suppliers.

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