When EA Sports announced Cheap Madden NFL 16 coins for the new generation of con

Posted by yingzi on November 18th, 2015

When EA Sports announced Cheap Madden NFL 16 coins for the new generation of consoles, I couldn't have been more thrilled. I'm an avid hockey fan, backing my local Avalanche any chance I can get and even cheering on the Bruins every once in a while. And the idea of the game stepping up to the next level with everything we've come to expect from the NHL franchise was really something to look forward to. Which makes it all the more awkward when I played the final game. When it comes to core mechanics, NHL 15 truly delivers, with all the excitement of a one-timer going into the net and a last-second goalie save still being completely intact. But when it comes to delivering the crucial content that fans were expecting from this series' debut on new consoles, NHL 15 can't quite finish the power play.

After a humbling experience on the ice in my first game, I decided to dive into some of the other features NHL 15 had to offer. My favorite had to be Be-A-Pro mode, where you create your own player, put him through the draft process and begin your career in the NHL. Completely divergent from the core game of NHL 15, you ONLY play as your player, so you have to make every second on the ice count. I found this to be an interesting change of pace from a normal game where you control all players on the ice. Spending time on the bench or in the penalty box motivates you to do things differently so you can spend as much time in the game as possible.

In terms of how you play and learn the game, however, the new on-ice visual trainer is the biggest revision to NHL gameplay since the league added delayed offsides and the trapezoid behind the goal crease. Turn on this optional feature, and you’ll see a new overlay during gameplay that tells you very clearly where your passes would go, where your shots would hit on the net (if at all), and even tells you what kind of check to use on defense. More experienced players, such as myself, might scoff at this idea, thinking it’s just for newcomers to the franchise. But if you choose the adaptive training option—so NHL 16 picks up on your skillset dynamically—after just a couple games it’ll focus on more advanced aspects, and I found that even I still had a thing or two to learn. Thanks to the visual trainer’s advice, I have a better than 50-percent winning percentage in the faceoff circle for quite possibly the first time ever.sfifars0220g

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