Why Market Research Firms should Use Employee Location Tracker?

Posted by sunainaram on November 18th, 2015

Employee location tracker is a GPS-based device that allows you to keep track of all the agents working out of office. This innovative software application has become a very essential part in most marketing companies and other firms that employ plenty of field agents. The signals from this tracking device are received by a minimum of three GPS satellites that triangulate the signals to give you the precise location of the tracking device. The employee location tracking devices are connected to an online platform that allows you to check the location, direction of movement, speed of travel and other details. This advanced technology is simple to use and highly efficient.

There are two main reasons why market research firms should make use of employee location tracker. The first is safety and the second is performance. While doing market research, the agents, translators, moderators and other employees of your firm may have to travel to all types of localities. Even if you take the utmost caution to ensure the safety of
your employees, you can’t always provide them support and security wherever they go. The convenient option will be to use the employee location tracking software. This application can be downloaded on to a Smartphone that the employee can carry anywhere. The best part of this tracking application is that it is very easy to operate. Even if the person is not technically inclined he/she will effortlessly be able to use the tracker.

One big problem faced by the management while managing field agents is tracking their attendance, productivity and performance. With the employee location tracking software, all these can be done efficiently and effectively. Wondering how? When the employees login to the tracking device, the attendance can be checked. Once the tracker is connected to the online platform, the movement and location of the device is continuously tracked. So, at any point of time, you will be able to find out the accurate location of the employee. Based on the reports generated by the tracker, you will be able to estimate the amount of time the person spent in a particular location and the moved. In market research, one can’t exactly estimate how much time will be required to gather all the relevant data and details. However, with the GPS tracker, you can easily calculate the time taken for each project. The reports will also be useful when you are presenting all the data to your client.

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