3 Types of Security Seals for Optimal Results

Posted by Kelly Wilkerson on June 4th, 2021

To prevent theft and tampering, there is a level of security that companies should be mindful of. When it comes to the storage and transportation of goods, it's vital that you know about the types of security seals that exist. There are numerous categories to take into account, with some being more efficient than others for specific applications. Are you a business owner seeking to keep their goods secure? Here are just 3 types of security seals that, depending on how they're applied, will provide optimal results. Cable Seals - Probably the most durable categories, cable seals involve some of the highest degrees of security available. Besides specific diameter sizes, they could be applied to small openings such as for example door locks and valves. Take into account that these come in different cable lengths, and even if you discover that you don't require the entire length of a specific cable, this can be trimmed right down to meet specifications with ease. For tamper evident security seals that are searching for durable options that are an easy task to apply, you may desire to consider cable seals, with options which range from fixed to adjustable lengths available. Wire Seals - Another option that boasts high durability is wire seals, which are frequently used to secure objects with small openings. Not only is it incredibly versatile, in this regard, they can be found in multiple categories. Plastic wire seals, for example, are easy to apply and offer considerable security. However, for applications that want heavy-duty security, lead seals can be utilized. Regardless, these options are customizable. Additionally, you can consider the usage of a seal press, that is a tool used to close and emboss lead and aluminum seals. Speak to a local seal manufacturer or distribution if you have any questions about tools that will make seal application easier. Bolt Seals - In the event that you?re searching for security options that don't require tools for application, you may wish to invest in bolt seals as well. These are made with unique locking mechanisms in place, meaning that they?re less inclined to be tampered with when securing products in storage and those that are in transit. To remove these seals, one would need to use a couple of bolt cutters, which are oftentimes sold by companies that also focus on said seals. plastic security seals are also incredibly customizable, in a position to be designed in specific colors sufficient reason for barcodes printed, just to name a few variables. To put it simply, bolt seals are incredibly reliable. Keep in mind that they are just a few categories of security seals that, when properly applied, should be able to produce results. It?s in your very best interest to speak to a manufacturer or distributor of seals assuming you have a specific goal at heart. They will be able to showcase the various options they have available. More importantly, they'll assess your needs and make recommendations using the information that they have. In so doing, they will provide you with the highest level of service, not forgetting peace of mind in regard to the security of your products.

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