Ian Ryan Joints Bioware as Lead Writer of Swtor: The Old Republic

Posted by gracedashen on November 19th, 2015

Ian Ryan, a famous writer on 8 games, including 6 AAA projects and major IPs including Star Wars and Game of Thrones, has announced on his Twitter that he is back to Bioware as the new Lead Writer for Star Wars: The Old Republic. With over 8 years of game-industry experience, this new writer would hopefully bring us more amazing KOTFE contents. See what he had ever done in Swtor, and check out all famous writers Swtor has even enabled.You can buy cheapest swtor credits and enjoy best service on swtor2credits.

The experienced swtor writer, Ian Ryan back to Bioware again

With over 8 years of game-industry experience, Ian Ryan had been working for Swtor for more than four years since April 2008 to July 2012 and had designed many action-heavy flashpoint missions for co-operative groups and multiplayer side quests. Now, his is back again as the new Lead Writer on Swtor. As the new expansion, Kotfe is stretching now, what amazing stories will this well-known writer bring to us? Lets’ see what he had contributed for this game over the four-year working there:
1. Regularly promoted to take on greater writing responsibilities and wider scope of content development for Star Wars: The Old Republic and its digital expansion.
2. Wrote and designed Darth Malgus flashpoints, the climactic multiplayer finale to the main storyline.
3. Collaborated with 12-person writers' room to craft stories, brainstorm ideas, and develop core narrative experience.
4. Worked in strike teams with other developers to integrate stories, guide narrative focus, and provide comprehensive writing support.
5. Wrote popular character Thana Vesh, requested by many fans to become a new companion character.
6. Design documentation used as best practice examples and studio-wide resources.
7. Created additional story content for the Sith Warrior player character.

Check out the writers who had been working on the game

Except for the new lead writer Ian Ryan, there are many other great giants whose artworks have remained indelible in swtor players’ mind.
1. Drew Karpyshyn: Lead for the Jedi Knight story, together with Hall Hood; also involved with Republic Makeb;
2. Courtney Woods: Former Community Team associate; writer of several story blogs;
3. Alexander Freed: Lead for the Imperial Agent story; currently freelancer; writer for "Anarchy In Paradise", which is chapter X for KotFE, plus one more;
4. Randy Begel: Lead for the Bounty Hunter story; currently freelancer; unclear which chapters he's working on.

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