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Posted by Rachel Christian on November 19th, 2015

When we are born as human beings it is quite natural that we will be falling sick and become ill once in a while. In spite of taking the best of care, there are many diseases which could attack the body. While the body has the capability to fight many diseases, there could be some time where the disease might turn chronic. Diseases which are acute get cured within a specific period of time. However, on the other hand there are many diseases which turn chronic over a period of time and people may have to live it for their entire lives. In most cases diseases become chronic because of various reasons. The organs which are impacted by such diseases might become weak and get compromised. A classic example is the kidneys. What might start off as an ordinary kidney stone infection might turn chronic if it is not treated early and in the proper way. There are also many food habits which could lead to damage of various organs leading to chronic diseases.

Identifying The Root Cause Is Very Important


When treating and perhaps even reversing chronic disease, it is very important to identify the underlying cause for such problems. For example in many cases, people could be suffering from COPD or chronic pulmonary obstructive disease because of the smoking habits. Unless this problem is removed no amount of medication would be of any use. In the same light, people could be suffering from chronic liver disease and the main cause could be drinking alcohol and intake of oily food and other unhealthy food substance. Therefore unless the main cause is identified it is unlikely that the cure and solution could be found.

Changes In Food Habits And Lifestyle Is Also Important


When we talk to expert chronic disease Asia professionals, they are of the opinion that changes to food habits and changes to lifestyle are extremely important. For example those suffering from chronic disease impacting the vital organs should be very careful about the kind of carbohydrates that they consume. Complex carbohydrates are always a better choice. In the same way those suffering from chronic kidney disease should also be careful about the kind of proteins that they consume. It should be easily digestible and should not put pressure on their kidneys. Regular exercising, as per doctor’s advice is also important.

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