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Posted by Johny Deanes on November 19th, 2015

Are you in search of authentic Native American jewelry stores? In that case the first thing you need to know about them is their native jewelry marks or hallmarks. The artists use these hallmarks in order to sign their work. Whether the work of art is a metal art or a piece of jewelry, the hallmark will be embedded on the item. They are usually alphabets representing the artist who made it. Each and every piece of Native American jewelry is unique in its style. A few hallmarks may only be alphabets while others may be alphabets with some kind of symbol. Though it is difficult to know the artists with these hallmarks but when you see these engraved on the item you can be sure that you have your hands on originals.

Native American jewelry stores usually keep a stock of two broad categories of jewelries – one that is based on Zuni art and the other on Navajo art. You will find abundant use of silver and turquoise in their jewelry. The turquoise as a gemstone has a lot of significance for them – culturally, historically and mythically. A number of legends can be found surrounding the significance of this green-blue gemstone. Silver and turquoise are used together to carve bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, bolo ties, buckles and belts. All these will have native jewelry mark which will let you know if you are buying real Native American jewelry or not.

In the beginning, during those days when jewelry making didn’t become commercial, signing wasn’t required. It was only after the 1970s that native jewelry marks started to be used. Many artists only used alphabets from their names. These were usually the initials of their names. Then there were some who used symbols along with initials as it was important to differentiate.

The Navajo artists use their tribe’s marks to mark the difference from Zuni people who use embroiling pen to create a mark on their jewelry. Technology and modernization has brought in custom signature stamp to be used as a native jewelry mark. This is what you will see in most Native American jewelry stores. Wearing such jewelry is like honoring the age old traditions and culture of Native American people which is culturally rich and diverse.

The artists derive their inspiration for making this jewelry from nature, their environment, their creator and the myths and legends of Native American people. Native American jewelry stores sell such pieces that you can wear with any kind of dress and take your style quotient a few notches up. The good news is that there are online stores as well selling such jewelry. In such online stores you can also get entire directories of native jewelry marks which you can go through in order to get an idea about such hallmarks. Even if you are aware of any such hallmarks not included in the directory, you can get in touch with store and have it included. Go on and flaunt your piece of native jewelry and encourage your friends to get some – keep this age old tradition alive.

Look for native jewelry marks when you are planning to get jewelry from Native American jewelry stores.

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