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Posted by Johny Deanes on November 19th, 2015

One thing that you’ll notice in Native American jewelry stores is that everywhere you look there’s turquoise. The question is why not any other gemstone? Did you know the number of legends that justify the use of Native American turquoise as a gemstone that promotes positive energy? It is considered as a holy stone with powers to protect the wearer against evil forces. On the other hand, the green and blue colors are also considered to be the representative of female and male figures. There are also connections to abundance, dreams, health and prosperity. Turquoise is all about happiness and positivity which is what Native American jewelry mostly represents.

Native American turquoise – representing centuries of traditions in its depths
The myths and legends surrounding this gemstone have been passed on from one generation to another through their incredible artwork. The tribes have tried to keep their culture alive through their artistic creations. This is what you will see in the Native American jewelry stores. Turquoise is given to new born babies in the form of beads. It is used as jewelry stones for marriages and other social ceremonies.

The tribes believe that their deities reside in this gemstone and hence treat it as a symbol of protection and health. When there is new harvest, the Pueblo dancers wear turquoise jewelry and dance to celebrate the occasion. The stone is even believed to have healing powers and take people out of illness. And, this is not all. Native American turquoise is even used as a symbol to protect homes from misfortune. It is filled in bags and hanged in front of the home.

Navajo shepherds believe that if they wear a turquoise, they will be protected from thunderstorms. This, along with many more myths has been imbibed in the Native American artists and jewelry makers. And, this is why you will find all kinds of beautiful creations in Native American jewelry stores with Turquoise as their center piece. Native American jewelry with turquoise is believed to be infused with the spirits of their deity and people who own these will be blessed with the positive powers as well. After all, there is no harm in inviting the good in your life, even if that is through jewelry, isn’t it?

The universality of turquoise
Though we know of Native American turquoise as a gemstone with special value to the people belonging to these tribes, it has now come to be known as a stone that brings in positivity and happiness in the lives of people who keep it with them. In its connection between the spiritual and the natural world, it gives people the hope of a better life. Persians and Aztecs took this as a holy stone as well. What’s important to note here is that the Native Americans have infused their symbolism regarding the gemstone into the minds of people of all ages through their art of making turquoise and silver jewelry.

The significance of Native American turquoise may be too deep and broad a subject to discuss in these few words. The idea was to spread the message of positivity, belief and happiness that the native tribes have tried to being out through their creations available in a variety of designs in many Native American jewelry stores.

The Native American turquoise has a lot of significance and is therefore used in abundance while making jewelry. You can take a look at the range of turquoise jewelry available in Native American jewelry stores.

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