Benefits of using energy efficient ενεργειακά τζάκια

Posted by CesarMuler on November 19th, 2015

Talking about energy efficient ενεργειακά τζάκια what comes to the mind before anything else is that it will take down your electricity bills by close to half. This is especially applicable if you are living in a place where a fireplace is one of the necessities during colder months. Apart from this, such a tzakia will also save natural resources, in this case wood, and reduce indoor air pollution. All of us expect a clean and healthy ambiance at home, which can refresh and ready us for the chores of the next day. With an open wood fireplace this may not be possible as some of the smoke will spread indoors, in spite of the chimney.  

Efficient source of indoor heating
This is the most important and defining factor about a ενεργειακά τζάκια. Saving valuable resources, whether natural or financial, is our primary responsibility. This will provide heat to your indoor space, spreading warmth and making your home comfortable even during the winter chills. Though official reports claim a reduction of almost forty per cent in your electricity bills, the amount will depend on a number of variables such as the efficiency of the tzakia insert, outside temperatures and interior decor and layout.

Low maintenance costs
Using wood or pellet, inserts for tzakia has become very common for these reasons. Though pellet uses recycled wood waste, the maintenance costs are more than wood inserts. On the other hand, wood logs can be saved if you use pellet inserts. There are positives and negatives of using both. However, if you use electric fireplace, you will require least maintenance. That means you are relieved of an additional headache. You just need to clean off the dust from the glass or replace the light bulbs inserted within the fireplace. Owning and maintaining traditional fireplaces can be quite an expensive affair. Buying an electric ενεργειακά τζάκια will not stretch your budget much.

Environment friendly tzakia
Choosing to buy electric fireplaces, stoves or heaters will be a gift to nature as you are contributing in reducing air pollution. It is time for us to give a thought to save our natural environment, else the drastic climate changes will continue to bring disasters around the world. And, as they say, charity starts at home, start by replacing your ancient fireplace with an electric ενεργειακά τζάκια. In this way you can help control environmental damages and heal the planet.

You can order for an electric ενεργειακά τζάκια from an online store of a reliable company. If you are based in Greece or Cyprus the delivery charges may be a little less than if you are ordering from other countries. Once you have chosen the product from the catalogue you can place an order online and get it delivered through courier or shipping. You can choose the method of delivery according to your requirement. And, if you are based near the store, you can choose the tzakia and get it delivered. If the benefits mentioned above satisfy you, go ahead and get your electric fireplace and save your home, money and environment – all in one go.  

Replace your wood fireplace with electric ενεργειακά τζάκια as this tzakia is a saviour for both the user and the environment.

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