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Since Bioware announced the nerf to companion damage and healing outputs with swtor 4.0.2 patch note on November 16, the official forums are afire with heated discussion and only days later on Nov 19, the post has generated an astonishing 133 pages of angry feedbakcs from players who feel that the changes were too harsh to enjoy the game. Swtor2credits analyzes the detailed story will enjoy 10% off discount for swtor credits buying on Swtor2credits.

Level sync &weak companions make many missions undoable

According to players' feedback, the companion burst heal and damage have been nerfed by 75%-80%, Dot and HoT buffed by 10%; and many people were dying in heroics of any planet above 35, just because their companions can't keep up with their heal or their tanking or even damage enough mob before they die. As a result, even a level 65 player would be dying constantly in lowbie heroics. This was not what Bioware promised when they sold kotfe, but why things got worse now? 
Some people told that DPS companions seem ok, and Healers still heal, not too poorly, but at loot, the "level sync" that levels down players to the maximum level cap of an area, making farming heroics in low level areas even more impossible, for example black hole or corellia or voss or belsavis or hoth heroics. There is the new Star Fortress Heroic 2+ flashpoint that has solo achievement, allowing players to get only by using companions to complete this heroic. But now it became a nightmare, as healing companions can't heal for a minute before player dies, damage companion can't do enough damage before mob aggro on healing player and kill them.

Swtor should be a relaxing game but not a daily grind fest

To explain the reason why they nerf companion, Bioware told that they want to avoid that the overpowering companions overshadow people's gameplay experience. However, many players think that they didn't test it and went too far that led to the result is unhappy customers' case. "We want a game that is fun to play through the journey not a game that becomes a daily grind fest that is absolutely no fun", said by someone on the forum. Life is enough of a challenge, many people play games to escape and relax. Yes, that means we enjoy being OP and beating the crap out of things "easily" when we earn high end raid gear.

Have you played SWTOR since the new patch? What are your thoughts and impressions of the changes? To be fair, the purpose from Bioware is good, but maybe some fixes are needed to provide players a more enjoyable game. Before everything is settled down, buy swtor credits on Swtor2credits cheap with fast delivery would be an option to strengthen your companions.

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