Learn How to make Fermented Tomato Juice

Posted by metrobnf on November 20th, 2015

There are a few foods that you should never think of fermenting, but how about fermenting tomato juice? The ideas seems to flatter you once you know how you can preserve tomato juice for long winter months when you need to warm up your body with the juice.

There is high probability to lose nutritional values of tomato once you start fermenting juice sucked out it. So, is there a solution? Yes, you can maintain the true flavours of your juice and balanced its nutritional ingredients with the right use of yeast and other key nutrients. Before delving further, let’s check out what is fermentation.

What is fermentation? Fermentation is about retaining nutritional values of food and boosting its attributes too. The process creates acidic environment that naturally helps to detoxify its ingredients. For instance, due to fermentation of tomato juice, botulism cannot thrive any further and therefore does not pose threat to your health.

There is certain art of fermenting and you have to know it to attain perfection. If you think you cannot do it at home, then buy fermented juice from the right company. Metro B&F Co., Ltd., is regarded as fermented tomato juice manufacturer in Korea and the company is known for using the right methods to selling huge quantity of fermented true tomato juice in Korea.

Follow some advices from experts of Metro B&F, fermented true tomato juice manufacturer in Korea and you will know how you can apply the procedures at home all by yourself.

Tips to ferment Tomato Juice

What you need?

Take 6 to 8 lbs of fresh tomatoes, non-sprayed and preferably organic. Take about 2 tablespoons of sea salt, one cup water, 2 gallons of glass jar or clay crock. Do not choose coated ceramic or plastic for this process. Have a piece of cloth to ferment and a string to tie to. Most important, have some olive oil.

How to ferment?

Start your endeavour by removing core from tomatoes and cutting them into slightly big chunks, usually a little bigger than what you eat. Put it in a jar without peeling its skins. Fill your jar with tomatoes no more than three-quarters. Do not forget to add peppers or garlic to it, but most important of all add salt and water to it to keep the tomatoes submerged. Then, massage the tomatoes and rub them to make them juicy. This should be done for about one minute. Then cover it with a cloth and tie its strings strongly. Make sure that you stir the juice at least three times a day.

While you let the juice to ferment keep it in a basement or any place where there is good flow of air. A peculiar smell will emit that will last for 12 to 24 hours, but that will subside and good, fresh smell of tomatoes will fill in. Then pour the juice in four separate jars and leave an inch above its surface, and spread some olive oil on it. Close the lid, but so remove it at intervals to let mounted air to pass out.

This is the way to go with fermentation of tomato juice.

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