What is Wooden Flooring?

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Wood is a product group that is both modern, natural and aesthetic with its constantly renewed models from the past to the present. Wooden floor coverings are floor covering products that can be used easily in many places. These floor covering products have different product groups for each space. These;

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a floor built around a waterproof, glued high-density fiber HDF (High Density Fiber Board) plate. This floor consists of four separate layers. The top layer is a transparent, abrasion and chemical resistant layer that we think of as polish. It consists of several layers of melamine in the press made under high heat and pressure applied to the HDF filling plate. The surface layer is covered with wood or a texture called "Registered Embossed". A substrate is the layer on which the floor pattern is located. In this layer, there is a surface produced with real wood or advanced printing techniques and covered with melamine resin. The third layer is the thickest layer and consists of HDF filler plate. This plate consists of a wood-fiber mixture obtained from various parts of the tree. This layer, which has a very homogeneous structure, contains glue in its structure. It is highly resistant to moisture and heat. The support layer, which is the lowest layer, has a structure with high resistance to moisture. When the assembly is done properly, superficial defects such as camber and slope do not occur.

Laminated flooring

Laminated parquet is a natural material consisting of 100% wood. The sheets are glued to each other at right angles, the surface is polished. Since the parts are produced as polished, scraper and polish application may be needed over time, although it is not required after the first laying. Due to its structure, it is a long-lasting and natural flooring choice. Each piece has special recesses and protrusions to match the other, making it easier to lay. In the place where it will be used, it can be laid with the method of sticking to the floor, or it is preferred to be laid with a floating system.

Due to the nature of the tree, it allows natural movements and thus cracking and opening that may occur due to temperature differences and seasonal changes are prevented.

Solid Flooring

Solid parquet, which is the most preferred flooring material, is a long-lasting, heat-resistant, sound-insulating material, whose quality can be maintained for many years with its 6 mm sistre. This material, which is produced with draft logs brought from the Far East and Africa, is made using hard and leafy woods such as maple, beech ash, teak, merbau, walnut, sapelli, doussie, iroko, wenge, bamboo and jatoba.

Unfinished wooden flooring Houston is actually a really good choice if you really want a customized tarnish used just before the last surface, or if you wish to match the different colors of existing floor. After hard wood flooring installation as well as staining, the flooring is given a number of coatings of protective coating. If you're thinking about adding hardwood floor in your home kitchen, half-done floor covering is actually a really good option given that the finish will certainly penetrate as well as secure the joints between boards, assisting to prevent water coming from leaking between panels.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is seen as the best alternative to solid flooring. The bamboo plant, which is the raw material of these eco-friendly parquets, is a material that grows easily and has abundant resources. Therefore, it is a natural and environmentally friendly structure. Bamboo parquets, which are easily applied and cost-effective, are polished with 6 layers of UV technology and are produced with non-toxic and water-based urethan glues and varnishes, thus providing insulation against moisture.

Unlike traditional parquets, it does not require sanding and polishing, provides minimal emissions against dirt and dust, and is antibacterial. It does not burst or swell like laminated parquet in contact with water.


Sports Flooring Parquets

A 2 mm polyethylene moisture barrier is laid on the existing concrete floor, 50 x 100 pine slats are laid on 19 mm rubber wedges with 25-30 cm axis spacing to absorb the impact, a single layer of 10-12 mm thick OSB or water contraption is placed on it. As a result, 20-22 mm thick solid or 14 mm thick hardwood with a ready-made polished surface, made of maple or oak trees, is fixed and polished by cross nailing method. Wooden skirting boards with 15-20 cm gaps are used to ensure the expansion of the system, that is, air circulation. This system is resistant to humid environments and is in the hardest wood category.

Unique Wood Products

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