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Small Business Computer Consulting: Smart Marketing

Posted by nick_niesen on October 28th, 2010

In small business computer consulting, it can be easy to get yourself into money trouble really fast. Conserve your precious capital by avoiding some of the common mistakes when marketing your small business computer consulting firm.

Perform Tests

Whenever you?re doing any marketing with your small business computer consulting firm, think about being able to run smaller, measured tests before making big marketing bets. It can be something as simple as direct mail.

Don?t mail five or ten thousand pieces your first time out of the gate. Don?t put $2,500 or $5,000 or more on the line.

Start Small and Focus on Your Target Market

First, try a $500 test and see how your small business computer consulting firm does. If you?re thinking that you absolutely must put an ad in the yellow pages or the newspaper, reconsider. There are much better ways than broadcasting to an audience where 95% of the people aren?t interested.

Small Bets are Less Risky

If you are set on marketing your small business computer consulting firm in the yellow pages or newspaper, start smaller and test the waters with something on a smaller scale before you ramp up.

Whenever you?re making decisions on marketing and business development, think about small, measured bets before making big marketing bets so you can test things out, analyze all the results, track the number of inquiries and learn what happens to those inquiries.

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