Swtor Companion Nerf Makes Gameplay Challengeable or Time-Wasting?

Posted by gracedashen on November 21st, 2015

Recently, Bioware just nerfed companions in Swtor by reducing their damage and healing output. The goal is to make kotfe story contents accessible for all players, but the same time, keep companions at a suitable power level. However, with these changes, many players told that Operation and other gameplay are just being Challengeable, or somewhat time-wasting.you can enjoy 10% off discount for swtor credits buying on Swtor2credits.

Why and how companions are nerfed in Swtor 4.0?

Basically, to make sure that all of our story content was accessible to all new and old players, Bioware has granted companions kind a powerful damage and healing output. However, they found that they are a bit too strong that overshadow actual gameplay. As an example, the officials told that while playing through much of the game, it would sometimes happen that one is impossible to be killed if he has a healing Companion. As a solution, they reduced companion base stats, including damage and healing output. Of course, as a compensation, the healing power that earned by Influence level has been increased, meaning that companions will get more powerful as you scale up Influence levels with them.

What are players’ reactions to swtor companion nerf?

Bioware told that the change won’t make gameplay suck and the companions still carry their weight and fill the role you need them to in combat. Besides, they also promised that players can still be able to do the weekly heroics to build influence/alliance solo though it is a bit more challenging than before. However, many players just indicated Operations are definitely harder. On the one side, you have to be really good to face the challenge. On the other side, as gameplay is harder, players need much more time to do boring runs if they want to "gear up" their companions to be strong. As far as Swtor2credits is concerned, it is reasonable that it should be easy to solo everything on every planet, except world bosses, or the non-solo FPs, Ops, which are basically group content.

It seems that more effort is still needed to make companions both playable and reasonable. Fortunately, Bioware told they would collect feedback after players log in to touch the change, so a further fix could be expected to be completed. Still, if you feel companion is too weak to fight together with you, you can buy swtor credits fast on Swtor2credits.

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