Ffxiv gil for sale and Small Tips to Smoothly Clear Bismarck EX on Duty Finder

Posted by goldsafe21 on November 21st, 2015

Duty Finder is a great addition to Final Fantasy XIV, as it allows players to automatically find groups for dungeons and other group content. However, recently, many players complaint that queuing up for Bismarck and Ravana Extreme on DF is completely a pain as some team members haven’t known the mechanics that but just expect for an easy one-shot or to be carried. With so many people getting wiped and initiate a vote abandon, Safewow is summarizing some tips to help you clear these two EXs smoothly from DF.

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Why people always get wiped in Bismarck and Ravana?

Basically, the problem is caused by the Duty Finder, which groups up a team of unfamiliar people that haven’t played with each other before and thus lead to the lack of team cooperation. This is particularly obvious when there are almost all newcomers or those who don’t know how to play in a group. I'm not sure how quickly people will join a party to clear Bismarck EX or to farm Ravana, but many people just failed when they did it on DF. For example, group abandoned would occur when one of the tanks didn't believe you had to tank swap on the serpents to avoid reflect damage and kept dying in 2 seconds. After multiple wipes, you just haven’t confident in trying again. Bismarck and Ravana seem just harder because the people running it are mostly those who looking to clear and who haven't done it until now.

How to clear Bismarck and Ravana EX smoothly in FFXIV?

However, there is not all bad experience. Learning some helpful guidance, along with the help of Echo, you can clear the EX. The Echo helps alot, especially when newcomers die repeatedly to the same mechanics. So far, my best attempt was a second try with 5% Echo. Learning some points below with Safewow and start of every fight smooth:
1. Obviously you'll have a mix of new and experienced players, but that becomes good for the new people because they'll learn from people that actually know the fight well, and if you're experienced, just hope you don't get more than 3 new people. Make sure that the first attempt should be getting as much experience as possible.
2. Mark your MT, OT, and the quadrants. Tell your DPS to follow the OT during the Seeing X if they are unsure where to attack, and during Liberation and Rose of Conviction.
3. Explain that 1 sword-A, 2-B, etc. during Swift Liberation and tell them to run to the previous marker immediately after Ravana dashes, then to the middle.
4. Tell your plan about doing Final Liberation, letting both tanks eat it twice, or other players eat it once then pass it to tanks. A and C waymarks are Prey targets, B is the safe zone. Once you're past Final Lib, you should be able to clear this fight.
5. The rotation of acting an OT is usually goes Tapasya -> Blinding Blade. If players can't read their debuff bars, you can sprint and grab Prey from them and then pass it on to the MT.

In a word, as long as you learn the mechanics, know which quadrant to go, and have 1 tank that knows what they're doing, a DPS that can DPS and stay alive, and a healer that can stay alive, you can carry the entire group. Of course, cheapest ff14 gil for sale on Safewow will help you much to get out of the trouble.

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