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Posted by jewelrybrand on November 21st, 2015

Bvlgari 18K ring, Bulgari 18K ring pictures and prices, 18K alloy, 18K not only the value of owning gold precious and perfect proportions because of itsconstituents, is malleable, and advantages of high stiffness and changeablecolor, used in jewelry design, can play elaborate creative expression. Zoccaijewelry Bulgari 18K ring networks to introduce and price.

Bvlgari 18K ring 18K is 75% of gold–bearing, and 25% alloys with othermetals. Due to the different ratio of different metal compositions, gold kgold jewelry in a series of color changes can appear violet, red, pink,Orange, green, blue, Brown and black in different colors. 18K fashionjewelry is very beautiful, world trends in jewelry k gold is the mainstreamWestern fashion to wear more chic and special k–gold jewelry to highlightindividual style.

Color is perhaps the most widely known works of Bulgari‘s iconic elements.Has a variety of colors of 18K natural element is not to be missed is theBulgari, Bulgari 18K ring superb craftsmanship, unique fashion designs,become the new darling of the fashion world. Bvlgari ring 18K style Bulgarilogo elements into fashion design, very popular.
Bvlgari 18K ring pictures and prices, Bvlgari Bulgari for more than 100years by virtue of inexhaustible creativity, history of great creative andbold spirit, enable brands to become immortal legend. Bulgari brand nameshave become exquisite handmade crafts, synonymous with cutting-edgematerials and unique design. Bulgari 18K ring trends in advance has becomeone of the most popular jewelry among young people.
Bulgari BVLGARI rose gold ring spring ring 18K AN856732 reference price:15800
Bulgari BVLGARI B.ZERO1 ring press rings AN191025 18K gold price: RMB 15800
Bulgari BVLGARI b Zero 1 18K rose gold Roman bronze ceramic rings AN856887reference price: 11800

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