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Posted by Mouridsen Rosales on June 5th, 2021

Engineered wooden flooring is a two layered flooring type composed of a thin hardwood as a surface layer and a solid plywood core at the bottom. It was developed as a cost-efficient answer to the usual problems of solid wood flooring, all without sacrificing durability and appearance. And because of the increase in materials and wood types available, it’s become a popular choice for wooden flooring in recent years. Inspired by our love of natural materials, and in response to market demand, Tongue n Groove has taken engineered timber flooring to a whole new level. This solid black palette is an ideal accompaniment for contemporary designs and is available in two grades and numerous plank lengths. The machined nosing acts like a solid nosing and is rounded on the edge to protect from chipping, but doesn’t come with the bowing issues like solid, which is also not a sturdy, sustainable option for stair nosing. Will also advise you on the best methods of cleaning for your individual floor with our solid timber floor own eco-friendly cleaning and maintenance products, Saicos Ecoline. Offer a large, sophisticated European & French Oak colour range with unique and comprehensive stains, coatings and finishes. The guys at Aspire worked with us to level the floor and achieve the best possible finish for our house. Since the two-layer construction of engineered wood relies mostly on the plywood base for stability, only hard hardwoods can be used as a surface sheet. Solid timber like oak, maple, and walnut are the usual choices with engineered wooden flooring, while solid wooden flooring can range from soft to extremely hard, with a wider variety of woods available. This beautiful and cost-effective timber flooring solution is strong, durable, and less prone to splitting and gapping than solid timber flooring. It’s a greener solution that doesn’t sacrifice the quality of your engineered timber flooring. By choosing from our wide range of flooring, you’re choosing a sustainable, responsibly-sourced product that will last you for the years to come. The price for installation of engineered flooring can be quite cheap – even in the most expensive cases it’s a little under what you’d expect for a solid hardwood installation. Depending on the wood flooring you get, it’s even possible to install it yourself! Although the cost of a professional installation can help avoid potential headaches with the flooring down the road. Yes, hardwearing engineered timber is a popular choice for the living areas of today’s contemporary homes, including kitchens. Engineered timber is also highly resilient, low maintenance but offers just a little more luxury for your money, displaying a refined elegance and a sophisticated finish. You can’t beat the warmth and lustre of natural, hardwood Australian or European timber. Maintenance An advantage of a beautiful Boral Engineered Floor is that it is easy to keep clean. However, regular maintenance will ensure a lifetime of beauty so keep the following care and maintenance tips in mind. Variations within a timber species are normal, therefore photographs, samples and displays can only be indicative of colour. Adelaide to Sydney, Melbourne to Brisbane to Perth, the appeal of cheap engineered timber flooring lies in its ability to match any style while meeting the requirements of any budget. Because of its genuine timber construction, it is possible to find an engineered timber product in the same wood types as traditional hardwood flooring. This includes a wide range of European Oak engineered flooring and American Oak engineered flooring varieties, as well as natives such as Spotted Gum engineered flooring and Blackbutt engineered timber flooring. You’ll find that our products are all sourced from suppliers who carry the labels of PEFC® or FSC® certification, which ensures that each product is sustainably sourced and handled throughout the supply chain. Peninsula – We spent time curating a refined selection of timber washes, textures and knots that would look at home in the beauty of Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. A selection of only the best European Oak floorings, allowing you to pick your favourite. We have a huge range of flooring in stock with over 200 packs available in our Moorebank warehouse. species include Blackbutt, Ironbark, Brushbox, Bluegum, Spotted Gum and Jarrah. WOODCUT offers engineered, machined nosings along with stair nosing with brass or silver inserts for mitre protection. Liquid spills should be wiped up quickly and for a more thorough clean your engineered timber floors can be dry mopped or cleaned with a damp mop when needed. Lastly, wooden flooring has such an easy care and maintenance routine (that can even be managed by our team, if you’d prefer). Our collection at Kustom Timber makes use of responsibly-sourced, sustainable timber that keeps the environment happy, and gives you better value for your money, too. Structurally sound, yet retaining all the beauty and properties of real wood, engineered timber floors are less affected by humidity and temperature. When you think of a classic wooden floor, you think of oak flooring; beautiful and hardwearing, it comes in a wide range of colour effects and finishes. Passionate about all things flooring, Aspire Floors knows how to use innovative methods and techniques to great effect, making sure that the timber floor we install is exactly what you want. The customisation of the floor is done in a logical five-step process starting with the size of board, appearance grade, surface texture, colour and gloss level. Maybe you’re dreaming of your beautiful forever home, or wanting to renovate or put up a new business. Here at Kustom Timber, we offer flooring solutions that exude style and are guaranteed to elevate the look of any room. 1850x136x14mm Resistance Hardfloor, Australian Species engineered flooring with 14 Coates of scratch and dint resistant technology coating on it. Working with Australia’s leading architects and design firms, Plank Floors has created a colour palette that is sophisticated yet in tune with leading local and international trends. Crafted and engineered by nature, Plank Floors takes timber to a whole new level of quality in materials and the traditions of craftsmanship in our pursuit of perfection. Working with leading architects, design firms, developers and builders, Plank Floors has created a sophisticated colour palette encompassing European Oaks and Australian Hardwoods. The complete range is manufactured using innovative, cross laminated technology and showcases the beauty of natural materials in our pursuit of perfection. The Timber Floor Centre established in 1996 and for 24 years has offered quality products, professional service and is proudly one of Victoria’s superior independent timber and hard flooring centres. Architect Collection Using European Oak timber, we create bespoke, natural products on an engineered base with a pre-finish in a range of natural-looking colours. Not only does this prevent the big issue of solid timber expanding and contracting, we have also gone to great lengths to make our board much more scratch and water resistant. All our boards have very low VOC emitting coating which we apply to all 6 sides of every board. Stabilised Solid has 3 layers of solid timber , the middle layer being the essential core layer. This core layer is lined with timber sections all laid on a right angle giving it the ability yield the natural movement of its environment, holding this movement entirely within its core. Thanks to quality construction and coatings, timber flooring provides a versatile and durable solution, bringing an effortless sense of style and simplicity to any décor. In certain circumstances, engineered floorboards can be laid as floating floors, which can eliminate the need for gluing to the subfloor. However, even when gluing is required it is a simple process that is cheaper and easier than installing a nailed solid timber floor. There are further benefits to choosing engineered hardwood floors over solid timber floors, such as superior stability in conditions which might otherwise cause solid timber boards to move, warp or fade. Engineered timber flooring is a flooring option that is made from a timber top layer on top of thicker layers of ply, pine, or rubber wood. Because the top layer of timber is generally thin, it’s easier to control expansion and contraction that comes from differing humidity and temperature levels in your area. In both cases, a hard wearing coating is your best chance for longevity but it depends on how active your dog is too. The ability to sand and re-polish at a later date should also be a priority. At Kustom Timber, we not only care about giving our clients the best possible products, we also prioritise sustainable business practices too. This entails being aware of wasteful processes and working towards greener solutions that will reduce negative effects on the environment. So when you choose from our engineered timber flooring for your project, you can rest assured that we prioritise sustainability and greener initiatives within our supply chain. Since engineered wooden flooring comes as a pre-finished product, it’s possible to get several planks to adjust and replace as needed.

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