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Posted by Cheap Kamagra UK on November 22nd, 2015

Well, here's the thing. If you keep on having sexual intercourse and sperm count is good enough, the odds favor you have children unless someone uses a contraceptive. Talk with governments around the world, and they are genuinely concerned about the falling birthrate. We are quickly moving to a world where there will be more elderly people than young people.

Sorry, you need a minor clarification. There are more older people than babies. Governments are concerned about who is going to look after all these really old people. Managers of pension and medical plans anticipate there will be enough money coming in from people still working to pay for all pensioners. Perhaps more importantly, the people are beginning to die out unless birth increases.

This is all the fault of these scientist types. They had to go and work out the link between sexual activity and babies. Before anyone make the connection, couples only mated and then wondered where all the children came from. Because mating was fun, there were many babies and world population grew. When someone ate the apple, it was birth control and much of the fun disappeared as whether it was pulling out early or wearing some really uncomfortable "protection" (both prevented conception and limited spread of diseases). Males these scientists, now properly sorry for his sins, came back with better condoms and birth control pills. This put the fun back into sex without having babies spoil it all nine months later.


Except, that is, for some older men who actually want to leave their genes behind. Last November, celebrated Britons Mr Roden. His claim to fame? At age 71 he is considerably twins. This made him the oldest considerably to twins and earned a place in the Guinness Guide of Data. For those of you who like all the gory details, this gives him a grand total of twelve children. Not being superstitious, is the happy couple plan to have another. The bad news for us is that man has been sexually active without having to rely on the little blue pills. How does he do it? He eats a diet based on vegetables he grows in his garden, he does not smoke, drink only occasionally and have sexual intercourse regularly. He uses it rather than risk losing it. For the rest of the human race who prefer not to go out and dig farm, smokes a pack a day and never says no to another drink when you purchase, it is the opportunity to buy cheap viagra on the web without a prescription and go for it with your partner. If the risk for babies bothers you, there are many ways you can have fun without consequences. Except, of course, when it comes to the unfortunately diseases. No matter how great viagra, it is not a barrier. If you come with random partners and uncertain of their medical history, wearing condom keeps you safe. Should you reach seventy and decide children, you will still be in the race.

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