FIFA 16: passing back to your keeper

Posted by james bonds on November 23rd, 2015

Hey man you probably right some shit does seem fishy but that first play where your keeper leaves the ball and it rolls in. Why the fuck are you passing back to your keeper from there... Just fucking clear the ball.
The Morata dribble play with the cheapest fifa coins... Yeah maybe you should have got the ball a couple times but to me it doesnt seem like you pressed the tackle button once. I mean yeah thats an ok strategy but its risky because you are banking on running near the ball and the AI taking it off them. That is the risk you take with passive defending.

Building on the above point about not pressing tackle.....zig zag runs and directional changes are huge this year. i use them all the time. you won't take the ball from me jockeying when i'm doing this, you need to either slide or press tackle.

that meg halfway through happened because Morata changed direction while the defender remained stationary, it wasn't luck. there were multiple very clever directional changes on this Morata run, and OP did nothing but try to contain him the entire time.

Morata also has the speed dribbler trait. Which is HUGE. Plus he's tall, and has about 80 strength and 84(?) pace. He's a machine this year with how 16 mechanics work. I get the frustration with every other clip. But not this one. He got outplayed, and didn't tackle the ball properly (or assertively) enough, and had several chance to before he was in the box.

He turns multible times straight into the running defender. He didn't L2 Right stick meg him or do anything remotely special. 9/10 the beastmode defensive AI takes the ball from you when you run straight into them but in some point in games its like your team loses every 5000k fifa coins online. It's not like in some games i just completely forget how to play defense and a guy basically walks it in from half the pitch. There is something going on.

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