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Posted by joseeliyo1232 on November 23rd, 2015

It is a general practice that when people transfer the title of their property to someone else, certain legal documents are always signed, attested and sealed, which serve as the proof of transferred ownership from the grantor to grantee. Such documents are referred to as deeds, and comprises of important details like the name of the old and new owner, legal description about the property, and most importantly, should have the sign of the person who is transferring the property. Deeds are signed in the presence of witnesses and then are delivered to grantee, which once accepted by them symbolizes that the property title is successfully transferred to the new owner. After the completion of delivery and acceptance, the last follow up remains in the form of recording. This involves the registration of the property in offices called “Recorder of Deeds” or something such, which can protect you in situations when someone makes an illegal claim on your property.

Typically, there are three basic types of deeds, viz grant deed, warranty deed and quitclaim deed; the use of each depends upon the need of individuals and type of transfer. However, in the cases when the transfer of property takes place between the family members, or when someone needs to add or remove their spouse from the property title, or when an individual inclines to transfer their real property to any trust, or some other, then it is the quit claim deed form that is used to effectively serve the purpose. A quitclaim deed is just like any other deed is the legal document reflecting the transfer of a property from grantor to grantee, but differs in the way as it provides no guarantee that whether the grantor actually owns interest in the property or carries a good title. This simply means that grantee has no warranty about the status of property, and if an issue arises with the property in the near future, then there exists no legal recourse to recover the losses. Due to the fact that quitclaim deed lacks guarantee, the deed is unsuitable while buying a property from some unknown party, but on the other hand is valuable tool for conveying property as gift to someone dear, between the people of a family, or in varying circumstances that may rise up anytime.

It is a fact that finding a legally suitable quitclaim deed form can be problematic, as other than the main elements of the form, each country has its specific form requirements which are based on state laws or statutes. But to simplify the same, the best option is to purchase the quitclaim deed from online sources, where from any of the leading website you can easily purchase and download quitclaim forms that confirms to your state’s requirements. If you are someone living in United States and in need of quitclaim forms or any other deed forms, then the best online portal you can route to is

About is a principal website from where you can purchase and download quitclaim deed forms and other real estate deed forms that are compliant with every jurisdiction across United States. For further details, visit

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