Diesel or Gasoline Generators

Posted by rlnenergyservices on November 23rd, 2015

Choosing the right generator may mean choosing between whether or not to purchase a diesel or gas generator. When looking for a diesel engine for sale, you may have entertained the idea of purchasing a gas generator instead. There are advantages to selecting a diesel or gas generator for your next purchase.

What are the advantages of a diesel generator?

Industrial diesel generators are perfect for a range of applications. They are also perfect for powering larger pieces of mining equipment. These machines are capable of operating 60 percent longer than the typical gas generator.

The simplicity of their very design also reduces maintenance requirements. Many argue that diesel generators are more reliable due to their design and the quality of parts used to maintain the site. In order to prevent frequent breakdowns if used sporadically, the diesel generator has to be serviced regularly.

Diesel equipment is usually more energy efficient than the gas generator types. Diesel generators can be powered with a combination of different types of fuel such as petro-diesel or bio-diesel. Diesel generators are regarded as safer because they are less combustible than the typical gas generator.

What are the advantages of choosing a gas generator?

Gasoline generators are typically more cost-effective than other types of generators. This type of generator is perfect for accommodating a smaller amount of gas. They are better suited for running modest loads for a shorter amount of time.

A gas generator will provide a faster return on investment because they are require far less in upfront investment. They typically cost less to buy or less to rent; but whether to buy or rent is another topic altogether.

Gas generators can have a longer service life regardless of how often they are used. Maintenance costs are lower for gas generators because the components are typically more inexpensive in comparison to the diesel generator replacement parts. Gas is less expensive than diesel, so operating a gas generator is more affordable.

Diesel and gas generators each have their share of advantages. There is no difference between the performance capabilities of both types of units. Both machines will continue to perform optimally if the units are maintained according to manufacturer recommendations. In order to maximize savings, a lower RPM gasoline generator or a diesel generator will decrease fuel costs. Consider how often the units will be used and the load to determine which style of unit will work best.

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