Bulgari diamond elaborated and moving love story

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Bulgaria diamond elaborated and moving love story

Love story of the Bulgari family

Bulgari family generations, from a struggling family business at the same time, using diamonds as the best Memorial to their faithful love.

George Bulgari and his wife

The Bulgari family collection of engagement rings

George Bulgari gift his wife’s diamond earrings

Constantine, the Bulgari family members witnessed the promise • Bulgari couple in holy matrimony

Bulgaria diamond

Romantic roses flowers

Symbol of love, beauty

Bows and chains

A symbol of faithful love

Pearl ring

Tears of God and eternal love

Bulgaria at Crowne Plaza Venice series

Stretch of trans-century romance, you know the first token ring where? The answer is legendary Italian Venice. Diamond rare but fascinating, unique structure and unbreakable: precious stones and real love, like, support the test of time and the forces of nature. Diamond is one of nature’s most substantial material. Its unparalleled light, is the world’s most precious, the most coveted gemstones.

Several century yield, history scholar for ring and love Covenant of description countless, but to ring set Xia love Covenant, expression faithful affection of traditional, first found of literature can back to 16th century, is occurred Yu 1503 of Italy Venice, in this romantic of spatio-temporal in, is Austria big Duke machine even dedicated to France Bo Gen to Ma lisa Princess as tokens of real of ring, this ring is said to have for world Shang first of engagement ring, and ring also since this was considered marriage of keepsake, Continues to be romantic tradition across the centuries. The Yangtze evening news reporter Ding Xiaoye

Bvlgari Jewelry series Crown ever since Venice was widely welcomed, and many dignitaries and celebrities attending a variety of choices for important occasions.

Venice series inherited Italy romantic traditional heritage, 1503 with the first promise ring in the history of classical legends to create a bright and elegant of the four diamond rings, delicate and slender ring, as well as the whole line of light, to the art-filled ruins and mythology of romantic – Venice, offering the most beautiful tribute, the Crown is an important part of this series.

This inspired Crown with the legendary epic of love, to create a delicate fiber Li line design, show romantic elegant classical style, every diamond like the Golden Spike the night took off from laying yarns of stars, shone the most touching faces and bright lights.

Love story of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

In the 1930 of the 20th century to today, and “Italy” made unparalleled work has been a Hollywood and film city most famous actor asked not to increase. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in the Egypt of Cleopatra in the city filming the movie with a Bulgari jewelry wrote their love story: a gorgeous brooch set with 18.61-Carat Emerald, surrounded by pear-shaped cut diamond. Wedding day, held on March 15, 1964, the actress was wearing a yellow chiffon gown, wearing this adorable perfect jewelry.

“I let Elizabeth know beer… … And she lets me know the Bulgari. ”

Richard Burton

“Elizabeth the only one who knows Italian language is ‘ Bulgari ‘. ”

Richard Burton

Love stories of Hollywood stars Tailong·Baohua

Hollywood star Tailong·Baohua once “back in the 40 ‘s of last century, Italy sweet golden age has not yet begun, we began to explore the Roman the great sense of history and charm of the old town, and excavations are located in Kham did Bulgari store on the Avenue, soon as we often visit landmarks and homesick after good memories”.

Taylor·Baohua and his wife decided to choose the Po generation did buy an engagement ring, and on January 27, 1949, in Rome, the church wedding.

Love story highly·futuristic

Henry·furnished, grandson of Ford Motor Company founder Henry Ford, Bulgari shop regulars. In 1955, with his beloved wife in Bulgari has chosen the most important diamond products. Henry on the military network assistant, said: you should meet my wife’s tastes and preferences. Please show the most desirable diamond necklace. Diamonds are forever. The Covenant to show their love.

Love story of Yang and Liu Kaiwei

Chinese film and television star Yang on November 13, 2013, Twitter released her and Jacky LAU Wei two series of Bulgari Marryme ring photo, officially declared the marriage. Reap the countless blessings of two people at the same time, also has raised expectations for their wedding and guess. Eventually they choose to publish romance two years later on the same day. Two people had been working with the Bulgari Bali wedding.

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