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Musical instrument repairs West Yorkshire: An Overview of the Specialists and Th

Posted by jennycooper on November 23rd, 2015

Repairing musical instruments is a rather broad discipline. Though the service name makes it obvious, there are many more details to that than one knows or can imagine. A musical instrument repairs West Yorkshire company ideally serves to fix broken instruments. The older the company is, the better services one can expect from them. Some companies are small, usually with one or two members of staff. As for larger companies, they employ a host of specialists that know how to carry out woodwind repairs Doncaster to trumpet repairing.

Full Servicing

Focusing particularly on their services, much can be told. By repair, they do not only mean fixing of instruments that have broken down or run out of use. Instead, they start with full servicing of the item in question. So, even when your instrument is running fine, you can get the item checked through by these specialists and get a maintenance service done for effective running. Full services include everything from repairing small nooks to repolishing, touching up in places and undoing a crack.


Then there is the repadding service. Instruments like woodwind, clarinets, saltashes, flutes, Cornwall saxophones, etc. require a fresh padding. These professionals make use of the best quality pads available in the market to replace the older and weathered ones to improve the overall performance of the instrument.


Overhaul is another comprehensive, but inexpensive service that is often sought. With it, the specialists run an overall check to see which parts are running out of affectivity and which parts need replacement. The service benefit of an instrument overhaul is to take a thorough look at it to make the article work even better than it was before.

However, overhaul is often misunderstood for reverting a worn down instrument into its playing condition. This service includes a multiplicity of tasks such as repadding to working up the appearance of the product. Overhaul is done to instruments like bassoons, oboes, flutes, piccolos, clarinets and more. Their bodies are waxed and polished for improved lustre, both inside and out. For instruments like saxophones, the repairers relacquer the bodies, keys and the necks. Overhaul is not an option for very old models for they often cannot resist the hardships of repolishing.

Other Small Fixings

There are service providers that work on the structural and functional sides of the musical instruments. In most cases, they fix and replace corks, felts, slides and valves. For others, dents are replaced for physical damages. For those looking to get their instruments plated with a precious metal, gold, silver and platinum plating is also done. Other minor problems sorted at a musical instrument repairs West Yorkshire workshop are bent keys, leaked pads, crumbled tuba and other minor jobs.

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