The Best Tactical Gear to Bring to the Range or Duty

Posted by US Patriot on June 6th, 2021

Whether you are on duty and going out for patrol or just heading out for a day at the gun range, there are certain pieces of tactical gear you will likely want. You might want the best tactical boots that will keep you in the game through intense training or the right holsters for competitive shooting. These are what you want to have available to you on duty and at the range.

A High-Quality Pair of Military Boots

First, nothing beats a good pair of military boots, because you’ve got to take care of your feet. Training, patrolling, hunting, or sport shooting, you need boots that will cushion your step, support your ankles, and ward away blisters. The boots you choose can make the difference between supporting you as you run drills or hurting your ankle. You will want a pair of boots such as the Garmont T8 boots. These are durable yet comfortable, able to tackle multi-terrain performance and keep you going. Whether you need lightweight boots or heavyweight boots, look for footwear that will support you and keep you comfortable.

A Reinforced Belt

A reinforced belt is needed if you are going to be carrying anything significant on it. It will do more than just hold up your tactical pants, meaning it needs to be either stiff or have a second, outer belt with a reinforcing inner belt. Using one of these systems, you can put all manner of supplies on your belt, from extra mags to a handgun holster or a small IFAK. A regular belt will sag under the weight of what you will need to carry, rendering it useless.

A Chest Rig for Storage

Similar to a reinforced belt in terms of utility, you will need a chest rig. If you are at the range, you may not need a plate carrier, though running drills with the same equipment you use on duty is a wise decision. In any case, if you need extra storage space on your body, for mags, medical equipment, and more, look into a chest rig. In some cases, plate carriers can also act as chest rigs; others will require a chest rig layered over a plate carrier. This mostly depends on your setup and what you find comfortable and needed. In any case, you will need the proper MOLLE pouches for your specific duty, whether it’s holding mags, a multitool, or a radio. Plus, you can keep maps, snacks, and admin items close by with MOLLE pouches on your chest rig or plate carrier.

A Proper Handgun Holster

Depending on your job, you might need a specific level of retention for your holster. You will also need the right holster for your handgun, and it’s always better to go with a holster that was made specifically for your model than a general holster meant to hold a variety of guns. Whether it’s on your belt, a leg drop holster, or on your plate carrier, make sure you have the right holster for your handgun.

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