How to Know When Itís Time to Upgrade Your Military or Tactical Boots

Posted by US Patriot on June 6th, 2021

Few pieces of gear or apparel are more crucial for comfortable and efficient operation than military boots. For service members or public safety professionals choosing the right pair of Garmont T8 or Nike SFB boots is more than a matter of comfort. Having the right pair of military or tactical boots can be critical for the safety of you and the people around you. Once you’ve found the boots that work for you, however, you should make sure you know when it’s time to switch them out for a newer pair.

The Tread Is Wearing Away

Military boots should be built tough. The first and most obvious sign that your boots are due for replacement is wear to the tread. Having tread worn away presents some obvious traction issues, but there are additional issues as well. Wear, nicks, and cuts to the sole (or elsewhere) that expose metal, like steel shanks or a metatarsal guard, can prove dangerous to you and others.

Eyelets Are Popping Out

When the eyelets of your boots begin popping out, it’s more than simply a cosmetic issue. As is the case with any high-quality tactical gear, the physical integrity of your boots is critical. When eyelets begin failing, that can change the dynamic of how your boots lace up and how they fit. That can result in chafing, blisters, and additional uncomfortable issues.

Aches and Pains From the Feet Up

It’s not actually just changes in your boots that you must look out for. Newly emerging aches and pains can indicate that your boots have seen their day. Those pains can include soreness, abrasions, and blisters to your feet and muscle pains from the soles of your feet to your lower back. New aches and pains can be a sign that there are issues with your boots that are best solved by a new pair.

Damage to Steel or Composite Toes

If you’re USMC, Navy, or in another branch of the service that requires steel or composite toes, you don’t actually want to see the toe material. The same goes if you aren’t in the service but require a steel or composite toe for your work. If you can see the steel or composite peeping through the material covering it, there is always the chance that the damage is more than superficial. Once a steel or composite toe box is compromised, it is time to move on to a newer model.

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