5 Things to Look for in Military and Duty Boots

Posted by US Patriot on June 6th, 2021

While you will get a pair of standard-issue boots appropriate for your branch when you enter basic training, you may want to consider upgrading your boots. This begs the question, which boots are the best military boots? While there is no single boot that is perfect for everyone, there are a few things you should look for when choosing new boots.

Your Exact Size

When you go to get your Under Armour Loadout boots that comply with AR 670-1, you want to get them in your exact size. Not all boots are made the same, so you will want to try on the boots and make sure they fit and feel good. Boots that don’t fit will give you blisters. Imagine a long ruck with blisters, and you will know exactly why you should have shoes that fit. If the boots are too loose, you risk blisters. If they are too tight, they will be uncomfortable. Buying the right size is far more important than how the boots look. Other important factors are the toe box and the height of the boots. The fit should be snug but comfortable to move in.

Comfortable Insoles

Next, the best tactical boots have comfortable insoles. These help with ventilation and perspiration while molding to your feet and providing internal support. This can help fight fatigue and blisters, common problems when wearing boots for long periods. Midsoles are also crucial, especially if you need arch support. Soft soles provide more support for high-impact activities, protecting your knees and ankles, while a firm midsole can help you feel the ground better. Built-in gel pockets or spring mechanisms can help absorb the shock of long hikes.

Quality Leather

The Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps all require real leather for military boots thanks to its durability. However, not all leather is equal, as some boots are made with a poor grade of leather, often from scraps and leftovers. You will want to get the highest quality of leather you can afford. Good quality leather means the boots can last for at least a year or two under normal wear.

Lightweight Boots

While heavyweight boots are great at resisting the elements, making them a solid idea for duty work, you might want to try lightweight tactical footwear instead. This helps you wear them for a longer time without getting fatigued while also letting you stay agile and giving you speed heavyweight boots don’t have.


Depending on your assignment, you could find yourself deployed to the desert, temperate climates, or somewhere with plenty of snow. You will want the right weatherproofing for where you will be stationed to help keep your feet dry and protected. Desert boots need to be breathable with a mesh upper and waterproof lower, while a pair meant for the forest should have light insulation and be totally waterproof. Snow boots should have plenty of insulation and be completely waterproof.

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