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Investing in Dubai properties has long been a place that people dream. And for the past years, Dubai never fails the people as it offers a luxurious lifestyle, beautiful beaches, large shopping malls, and fantastic restaurants. That is why lots of expats and other foreigners rent or buy a property in the country.

Are you tired of renting your own space in Dubai and want to take a new leap as a homeowner? Then you are wondering everything things that you must know about Dubai real estate before you make your purchase. To help you to understand different aspects of investing in a Dubai property, here are some of the things that you need to consider to make better decisions throughout the whole process.

One of the factors that determine the price of a property is the location. And if you want to find the right location of the property, you need to consider your purpose of buying the property. Will you need a residential home closer to the school, the market, or the hospital? Once you know your purpose and needs, searching for houses for sale in Dubai will become a whole lot easier.

Are you looking for a relatively cheap property right now? Then, you can consider a house for sale in Dubai South. Although it is not fully developed today, with a rapid increase in population, there will be huge housing demand in many new areas of Dubai. You will never know that the value of your property will grow 10x more in the future.

But if you want to buy a property because you want to make a steady rental out of it, then it is best to buy a property in already developed areas. You can get a steady income from an apartment for sale in Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Palm Jumeirah, etc.

Your choice of location is directly linked with your purpose when buying a Dubai real estate property. So decide what your purpose is to determine the right location for you.

After narrowing down your location search in the community, take time researching about the master developer. You need to understand how the community works and what the maintenance done by the master developer are. The master developer is the one responsible for the construction and maintenance of the community.

If you want to invest in the value of your house or want to make it an apartment for rent, make sure that the master developer has a good reputation. Also, ensure that the community is well maintained as it will ultimately bring more interest to your prospective tenants.

The development of property in Dubai is done by a developer, unlike the other countries. And there is only a certain location where you can construct a building or house with your taste. So after choosing the location and verifying which master developer is best for you, then it is time to look for a reputable project developer. They are the one that constructs a project like a townhouses, cluster of villas, residential, and commercial buildings.

You can ask your real estate agent or get a recommendation from a property portal in Dubai about which developers have a good reputation in the market and which to avoid.

Before you rent an apartment in Dubai or buy houses for sale in Dubai , you must verify the reputation of the maintenance/ management company in charge of the building. What is the use of having a good community and a well-developed property if it is not properly maintained? If you realize that the building is not maintained properly, you must stay away from investing in it.

In Dubai, it not a common practice to hire an inspection company to understand the actual condition of the property. As a buyer, you have to inspect on your own. So if you are decided to buy the property make sure that you do a detailed snagging of the property. Take note of the household issues like:

Your detailed property inspection report can help you understand the defects are already there in the property. It can also come in very handy while negotiating the price.

Investing in a property is a big decision to make. Whether you are buying a property or looking for an apartment to rent, you need to carefully research before you sign up for a contract. These are just some of the things that you should cover when investing in a Dubai real estate property. And you need to carefully analyze your decision to avoid mistakes, wrong investment, and other costs inclusive of all hidden charges.

Preston is a city of dreams for newly aspiring students. It is situated in the heart of Lancashire and is the administrative centre of Lancashire, England. The city is renowned for its cycling greenway, 'The Guild Wheel' well-connected to the beauty of the Lancashire countryside. Enriched by a multicultural community, Preston has a total student population of 40,000 at The University of Lancashire (UCLan). Students aspiring to pursue higher education in Preston should opt to live in proper student accommodation. The living quarters should be near their university campus but also be close enough to the city centre to encourage students to experience the best of what Preston has to offer.

Students should consider the following four points before opting for a suitable student accommodation Preston.

Accommodations Close to UCLan

Preston is home to the renowned UCLan, the first and foremost modern university in the UK. According to The Centre for World University Rankings 2016, The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), is in the top 3.7% of universities worldwide. The university has excelled in providing a great learning experience to students. The accommodations available in Preston are close to this university and this ensures convenience for students as they can commute easily without spending much. Some of the properties are within walking distance from the university. iQ Kopa property is just 10-minutes' away Phuket Villa from UCLan whereas Warehouse Apartments is just a 3-minutes' walk away from the university.

Comfortable Rooms with Amenities

Student accommodation Preston offers rooms that are fully-furnished so as to ensure that students have a comfortable environment to study well. There are a range of studio rooms in iQ Moor Lane area and en-suite living spaces in the Tramshed on 160 Corporation Street in Preston. The accommodations are well-equipped with modern amenities like a fully-functional kitchen, lounge area, onsite gym, CCTV surveillance, 24/7 hours security, and bicycle storage.

Easy Access to City Attractions

Students looking for property options in Preston must be careful about their choice and make sure they have easy access to the city attractions. The most visited eating joints in Preston are near the university. The Museum of Lancashire is just a stone's throw away from the city centre. Preston is also known for the food-related supermarkets just 8-minutes' from UCLan. The Fishergate Shopping Center is also 18-minutes' from most of the living spaces available in Preston.

Explore Art & Culture

Students looking for living options in Preston should also consider living near the historical buildings of Preston that are rich in art and culture. It is easy for students to explore the neo-classicals building that form the cultural hub of Preston. The Museum of Lancashire is well-known for its rich historical past and is easily accessible by students living nearby.

International students must look into these four essential traits of student accommodations available in Preston. The accommodations available in Preston are close to the city's top university UCLan, the properties have additional amenities, offer easy access to the main attractions in Preston, and enable students to visit the city's historical buildings easily.

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