FMCSA drug testing- The key to keep the workplace drug and alcohol free

Posted by alisonreid29 on November 24th, 2015

We often read about shell shocking accidents that happen involving road transportation or flights because the employees were e under the spell of alcohol or prohibited drugs. To prevent such accidents, Dot has introduced procedures like FMCSA drug testing that are to be conducted on employees to keep them under surveillance for drug or substance abuse screening. The moot agenda for following drug testing program for DOT is to keep the workplaces drug and alcohol free and thereby keeping the people safe who are availing the mass transportation system. Let us discuss the benefits of these tests and know more about the procedures.

In the term FMCSA drug testing, FMCSA stands for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which is an agency under the United States Department of Transportation that deals with the trucking industry in the U.S. This program has a safety measurement framework to check 1) fatigued drivers, 2) unsafe/rash driving, 3) fitness of the driver, 4) maintenance of the vehicle, 5) crash indicator and 6) controlled drug and/or alcohol. The drug testing program for DOT is a physical test and stresses upon screening of employees for consumption of alcohol and prohibited drugs.

The drug testing program for DOT can be done randomly by the employer, but through a licensed practitioner. There are two phases in which DOT and FMCSA drug testing are done: a) during the pre employment phase, and b) during the post accident phase. A DOT test is inclusive of the review of the medical history of the employee along with blood and diabetes tests. These tests indicate the ability of an employee to drive or serve safety sensitive duties. While FMCSA test stresses on the employees who work in the trucking industry, DOT test is for employees who work for any mode of transport, be it pipeline, air, rail, roadways or waterways.

One of the major concerns for the employers in the workplaces is drug abuse and alcohol intake. There are strict rules stipulated by the agency prohibiting employees against usage of drug or consumption of alcohol within the duty hours or immediate hours prior to the duty. Thus, according to the regulations, a FMCSA drug testing stands implemented for every employee of these industries and so does DOT. If your drug testing program for DOT shows that you are positive, although the agency has no say with the hiring-suspension-termination clauses of the appointing industry, you will be barred to be on duty to perform any job that is safety sensitive.

To return to the duty (also known as the ‘return to duty process’) if you test positive in a FMCSA drug testing, you have to go to a SAP or a Substance Abuse Professional to complete the tests of alcohol and drugs. The health of the employees and checking the health hazards that happen because of consuming alcohol or drugs are issues that are among the primary concerns of the U.S. Department of Transportation. So, to keep the workplace safe, drug testing program for DOT should be conducted as often as possible.

It is mandatory today for the transportation sectors to carry on FMCSA drug testing. Drug testing program for DOT is conducted to keep the workplaces drug and alcohol free.

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