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After playing Deadman mode for a while, many players have some wonders about the game, such as why there is no Grand Exchange in Deadman mode. You see, it can help you a lot if there is GE in Deadman mode. Currently, it is quite difficult for Deadman players to make money and buy what they need in Deadman mode. If you are in need of RS Deadman gold in game, you can always buy RS 07 Deadman gold cheap on RS3gold. Here are some things you will want to know about Deadman mode.

Why there is no Grand Exchange in Deadman mode

It will make Deadman mode much easier to play in if there is Grand EXchange in game. For the core group of players, Deadman mode is a very hardcore and difficult game since you lose an awful lot of things on dying. Old School team want to create a challenging game at the time, however, there are many player complaining Deadman mode is too difficult and hard. According to Old School team, they would run the risk of turning Deadman into something that is too easy for our core group of players if players are moving away to our other games. So is this what you want to see?

How Old School team deal with mule accounts

Some players use mule account in game to store valuable items to prevent losing their money. Old School team absolutely fine with, is they have multiple accounts that do multiple things. If you have a mule account, you can store a set of protected skills, alternatively, you can use another account to store another set of protected skills. They can trade between those accounts and move the items around there, that's what most people seem to be doing, but mule accounts in themselves haven't bother Old School team yet.

How Deadman connected to OSRS in updates

Currently, the basic game is the same for Deadman mode and Old School, so you will noticed that Old School make an update on Old School that same update will be on Deadman as well. Maybe this is not the best option for them since Old School player seems not like this. However, they will likely to put them on completely separate builds and develop them separately as things go forward. However, it works on the same build mainly right now.

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