Feel the Thrill of Racing with High-Quality RC Trucks

Posted by rchobbiesoutlet on November 25th, 2015

RC trucks are popular with RC racers and enthusiasts, who prefer to drive off-road. These RC trucks offer amazing handling and speed on rough terrains like dirt tracks, grass, and rocky / pebbly surfaces. High-quality hobby-grade RC trucks are a great choice if you are new to RC Hobbies. They come in variety of styles and specifications to match your preferences and racing style.

The versatility of high-quality RC trucks makes them fun to race on or off the road. RC trucks offer a more robust suspension, higher ground clearance, and higher torque. Hence, they are recommended if you will be doing a lot of off-road racing. RC trucks come in electric and nitro gas options. Nitro-powered RC trucks are fast and can go more than 40mph while some models may reach over 60mph. They provide a more genuine feel of the race track, too, due to the smoke and the noise of the nitro engine

Electric RC trucks are available with either brushed or brushless motors. Electric trucks with brushless motors can achieve speeds similar to nitro gas powered trucks, and in some cases, even higher speeds Their low-end torque provides them the edge in acceleration, and their slightly lower center of gravity (due to their low-mounted, batteries and motors) allows good handling and stability. An electric RC truck may be better if you want a model that is easier to maintain and operate, and if you want a quieter engine. Look for a brushless electric RC truck if you want to race at high speeds.

Buying a high-quality RC truck will let you in on the thrill of off-road racing. If you are a beginner, and are mechanically inclined, a nitro gas powered truck would be a good choice. If you are more mechanically challenged, an electric RC truck will be easier to operate. If you are over 12 and your budget allows, a brushless truck is the best choice, if the RC truck is for someone under 12, a brushed motor truck may be a best choice as a brushless truck may be too fast. Find a reputable online RC hobby store to explore the selection of RTR (ready to run) RC trucks. This way, you can easily pick and compare products and purchase the one that is perfect for you.

You can race RC trucks on smooth roads and rough surfaces like dirt tracks and fields. There are special types of RC trucks, too, like the Short Course truck, or Trophy truck that are optimum for racing on dirt tracks, as they are lower to the ground than monster style trucks and therefore more stable and provide better cornering. A hobby-grade RC truck provides much better value than the big brand name RC trucks and will allow you to get the feel of racing an RC truck and improve your driving skills. With this experience you can then decide if you want to invest considerably more for larger or high –end brand name products.

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