Numerous uses of Towel from Turkey and their Popularity around the Globe

Posted by Denizli peshtemal on November 25th, 2015

  • Turkish towels started in a small town called Babadag, in the mountains of Southern Turkey, hundreds of years ago. Normally made from cotton and more recently linen and cotton/bamboo blends, they are wider approx. 80cm x 180cm dependent on designs and lighter than your usual terry towels, which presents many benefits like Lightweight, Fast drying, Easy to travel with, Eco-efficient as it takes up less room in washing machines, Increased softness after each wash, Space saving, Versatile in use. The last point is that it has so much flexibility. It can be used for a traditional bath, use as a scarf, a shawl, and a wrap for a baby, as a picnic rug, a table or chair cover, an all-purpose gym towel, can be used during workouts, yoga, a throw at the end of a couch or bed, for massages and so much.
  • Turkish Bath Towels is a lace cloth which is used to surround the body in the bath, or enclosed from the waist to prevent dirtying of clothes while working. It is calling Pestemals as well. Turkish Peshtemal Towel has reached to the present from the ancient Turkish era. Cotton Bath Towel of Turkish is very famous among celebrities too. Some Hollywood celebrities are using Turkish Pestemals at home or beaches, that's why even Turkish Beach Towels are famous. Jennifer Aniston, Bill Gates, Demi Moore, John Travolta, Steven Spielberg are some fans of this towel. Peshtemal is going from the historic Turkish hammam era. It has a history of about 600 years in Anatolia. Some call them tassel towel, fringet towel. In other cultures, different names are given to nearly the same products like kikoy, sarong, kangas, shukas or sarung is a name in Asia. In East Africa, Kikoy is given. Finally, the same tradition has different names upon regions.
  • Throughout the history of this towel from Turkish was manufactured by crisscross on hand looms by women in Turkey's eastern Aegean and Black Sea regions. Presently, pestemal from Turkish is interwork on advanced looms, because of the extensive use of electricity. This type of towels produced by hand worker. Towels have got a nice color mixture. Typical patterns are there on this Turkish bath towel. Turkish Pestemal is also historical clothes that used by all persons, young, old or mainly, in the Black Sea region.
  • Turkish Towels Wholesale supply towels around the world without compromising the quality of product and the best feasible prices. Our company’s wholesale work is not restricted with only customers that are wholesale but our collaboration on the project based with the spas, hotels, and companies who want to welcome their respected visitant with handwork, eye-straining towel proceed with the concept of work responsibility. All our works which cover the retail and wholesale supply of Pestemals mixed with the perception of respect for nature are accompanied by the modern world.

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