3 Common Mistakes to Avoid in a Job Interview

Posted by Neeraj Sharma on June 7th, 2021

The most difficult part of landing a job is clearing the personal interview round. In a personal interview, not only are your qualifications and eligibility tested, but also your personality. This is why it is the last hurdle in finally getting a job and it is also the toughest hurdle of all. With platforms like IFFCO Yuva, it has become easier to search for the right job. Dr US Awasthi, MD of IFFCO, ensures that the process of finding a good job stays simpler for jobseekers. But clearing a job interview is still not a walk in the park. People frequently make mistakes in a job interview that can be easily avoided. What are these common mistakes and how can you avoid them? Here they are:

  1. Not Researching about the Company

A surprising number of people apply for jobs just because it fits their profile and not even read up on the company the vacancy is at. When an interviewer asks questions to the effect of ‘What do you bring to the table?’,candidates are often left to improvise and give a vague and generic response that does not say anything. If you want to land yourself a job, always read up about the company before going there for the interview. Consequently, when the interviewer asks how you will tackle a given situation, you have some answer as to how your presence will change things for the better.

  1. Reading Out a Script

While being unprepared is a major red flag for the interviewer, appearing for an interview after cramming up a few answers is definitely not going to work in your favour. It’s obvious to an interviewer when someone recalls an answer from a well-memorised script. This always leaves an impression that the candidate has read that exact answer somewhere and does not know what they are talking about because they never took the time to understand the answer. When you have understood something, you will talk about it in your choice of words not what precisely you read. Prepare well for an interview and understand topics. Don’t read out a script.

  1. Not Paying Attention to Your Body Language

A person’s body language speaks a lot about their personality. As said before, it’s not only your qualifications and eligibility that are tested in a job interview but also your personality. If your personality is laid back with swollen chest or underconfident with stooped shoulders, then that will discourage the interviewer from hiring you. Read about how to have impactful body language and the postures you should practice to appear confident and always cast a good impression. Knowing this will greatly help you in clearing the personal interview round.

Landing a job interview can be a taxing process. But it can be easy if you are well-prepared. The aforementioned tips will help you avoid these mistakes in a job interview and reduce your chances of rejection.

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