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Michael Backus has told on Star Wars: The Old Republic site that the dev team has heard with players' feedback with regard to recent changes on companions since the launch of Kotfe. In it, He explained the reasons why changes were made, and told that the alterations ahead to buff healing is aiming at making contents challenging but not impossible. See detailed plan and goals with Swtor2credits.You can buy cheapest swtor credits and enjoy best service on swtor2credits.

Swtor companion healing has gain some increase

With these days' complaints from players about the previous nerf to companions since patch 4.0.2, Bioware has finally decided to increase the power level of Companions a bit. And now, we can see some plans from Michael Backus' extensive post on the official site. Basically, the team is planning to make the following several alterations to the current way companions are working: Increase companion channel heal power by 61%, companion single target heal power by 42%, companion single target heal over time power increased by 43%, and companion base stats by 15%. All of the above are, however, dependent on influence level and character level to determine the precise amount. The previous plan of increasing damage was removed as it is redundant with stat increase above. As for the Star Fortresses, the team will also increase companion power there to ensure that will be significant though not as powerful as before, giving that a new moniker to make it a different type of challenge. Besides, Star Fortresses will be balanced independently of both Companion power and [Heroic 2] to make sure that they are tuned appropriately.

Keep swtor contents challenging but not impossible

According to Backus, as different players have different tastes, plus players' experience will be influenced by some elements like ability rotations, player class choice, companion role, etc., it is a tricky thing to tell if the content is easy or difficult. Thus to make things working, they set goals for different content types and tried to reach those goals. The only missing there was that they didn't know players would have different combat types than expectation and "how with Knights of the Fallen Empire gameplay had evolved", which led to the situation that with powerful companions, all players can enjoy the game without meaningful effort. Then when they nerfed the companion, they went too far away, making contents arduous, even grindy rather than engaging to many players. To make a balance, the aim ahead is to make contents challenging but not impossible. Generally, combat will be something that challenge you but can be done with some efforts.

How do think about this plan to buff companion? Would you prefer an easy game or challenging combat? Bioware would definitely find a balance that ensure players engaged the game without being bored, while not so hard to make players leaving. To catch up and enjoy the game regardless of changes, you can buy swtor credits online from Swtor2credits and join in our 10% off discount activity.

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