Medication Synchronization Program Explained

Posted by joseph george on June 7th, 2021

Medication synchronization is creating a lot of buzz these days. Various pharmacists have come up with such programs to help people in many ways. In fact, the programs have several hidden benefits that will be explored in later sections of this article.
Medication synchronization programs are basically intended to help patients with the refill of their medications. The pharmacist coordinates the refill so that the patient or caregiver can pick all the medicines on a single day each month. It helps people who have to miss doses of their regular medications for some reasons like non-availability of medicines at the regular pharmacist. Med sync ensures there’re no missed doses.
What it does?
·       Avoids the hassles of calling in multiple prescription refills
·       Ensures convenience by allowing fewer trips to the pharmacy
·       Just a monthly visit to the pharmacist to discuss medicines is fine
The Hidden Benefits of Medication Synchronization Programs:
While ensuring convenience in medication refilling, it reduces trips to the pharmacist. Additionally, it also enhances pharmacist-patient relationships for their mutual advantage. At the same time, it also improves adherence to the medication program.
These are the obvious benefits, but some hidden benefits are not discussed much. Let’s talk about the less obvious benefits of med sync:
Opportunities for Patient Care
The streamlined operations by med sync programs allow better patient care in several ways. With med sync program, many full-time pharmacists get enough free-time to focus on patient-care. They can have sole tasks of patient immunization or other things that become difficult to manage in the lack of experienced staff.
Efficient Deliveries
Home-bound patients often find themselves struggling when it comes to their medication refills. Fortunately, many pharmacists have come up with med sync programs that also offer medicine delivery. Initially, patients with several prescriptions used to have several deliveries each month. Now with the med sync program, they can have just one delivery each month for all of their medication needs. It allows better control on the medication plan while saving the valuable time of the patient as well as the pharmacist.
Targeted Patient Consultation
With med sync programs, pharmacists and patients know when they will be meeting to discuss medication. It allows better patient and pharmacist relationship which actually works in their favor.
Medication synchronization programs help improve medication adherence in patients while increasing profitability in pharmacist. It puts patient needs and patient care together – just as they should be.

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