VoIP Is surprisingly Improving Your Way Of Communication

Posted by Peter Fetherston on June 7th, 2021

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It is also known as IP telephony.

As the name shows, VoIP is an already implemented technology that allows anyone to make calls just over an internet connection. Today, consumers and businesses are preferring VoIP telephone systems given their potential benefits over analog phones. As broadband is rising, VoIP has become an ideal way to communicate.

The VoIP telephone system is not just limited to making calls, it also includes modern features like auto attendants, custom caller ID, call recording, voicemail to email, etc. Also, you can make calls and work remotely from anywhere you want.

How Does VoIP Work?
Just as described, the process is quite similar to a traditional telephone system but VoIP works over an internet connection instead of using wires and landlines.

A VoIP system converts the voice signal of a user to a digital signal and transmits the data over an internet connection.

VoIP service works with both ordinary phones and IP phones. Your phone has to be connected to a switch or router such as LAN or WAN. After dialing a number for making a call, your VoIP phone tells the VoIP service provider to connect to the desired dialed number. The VoIP service provider then establishes a connection and starts sending and receiving voice signals from both parties. The VoIP phone converts the digital signals back into the voice so that you can hear.

VoIP can also work on computers and smartphones with the help of installed VoIP desktop applications provided by the VoIP service providers. So, VoIP can be both hardware-based and

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