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Posted by andrewpaul on June 7th, 2021

Can you get a cannabis license in my state? The short answer is "it depends". There are many factors that go into deciding whether a person can legally operate a marijuana business. Depending on the amount of support that a given state has for pot, it may be easy or hard to get a license there. Here's a look at some of the things that influence whether someone can legally grow and sell pot in your state:

- Whether or not a state has a specific law about selling or cultivating marijuana. Some states have no laws at all on the subject, while others have very restrictive laws in place. It's best to check with your own state to see what they have to do. Some states don't even have sales tax on possession of the plant.

- How many times a year do you have to obtain a license? Some states only allow for the manufacture or sale of small amounts of marijuana each calendar year, while others have regular sales that go from January to July. States that have monthly sales have less hassle for license hunters, though they have stricter laws in place. Check your state's regulations to see how often you need to apply for a card per calendar year.

- How large is the marijuana plant? If you live in a small town that's not too far away from a larger city, you may be able to grow your own marijuana plant. However, the larger cities will have stricter restrictions that will affect the plant's production and distribution. A good idea if you want to go the commercial route with your pot business is to get a growing permit from the city that will be most detrimental to your operation.

- What type of environment does the grow? Different parts of the country have different growing conditions, so it's important to find out what's acceptable in your area. Some areas have cool, sunny weather, whereas others are only suitable for warm, dry weather.

- What are the growing requirements? While each jurisdiction varies in this area, some grower-encies are universal. Things like having at least two mature plants is required in New York City and over seven plants is required in California. Check the laws for your specific area before attempting to grow marijuana.

- Is there an NPDES permit that I must get before growing? A permit is required in most places, including California. However, the NPDES allows for alternative forms of identification, so you can still grow under your personal name. The biggest concern in getting a permit is the cost of fees. Many cities in California have fees that can climb into the hundreds of dollars.

Before you decide to get a cannabis license in my state, visit the website of the National cannabis association. Here you'll find information on state-specific laws, regulations, and business forms. Take advantage of everything the cannabis community has to offer!

- Get your cultivation permit from the local government. These permits are available for sale or purchase. They are also mailed to home addresses in small packages. If you live in a town or city, this is a great resource.

- Get a copy of your local grower's license. This will show that you've been approved to grow marijuana. Just be sure to always follow local rules and regulations, especially if you are growing more than three plants. You could get in trouble with the police.

- Take some time to research your choices. There are many different types of marijuana, grown for different uses. Do you want tall, skinny, flowering plants? Where do you think they come from? Do you want your plants to go crazy and start growing wild? All of these questions need to be answered before you begin your cultivation permit application.

These are just some of the resources that you can use to get a cannabis license in my state. I encourage you to take advantage of them, but please don't forget to look into your local community first. Determine who the local law enforcement is and go from there. Many times people end up getting caught when they are growing too many plants for personal use.

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