Guide to buy wholesale diamonds online

Posted by AdrianRocker on November 26th, 2015

Diamonds are cut in many shapes such as round, oval, cushion, etc. which also determines their price to a certain extent based on their weight, color, clarity, polish and a few other factors. If you wish to buy wholesale diamonds online then you can compare the wholesale diamond prices offered by different sellers and then decide. Organizations dealing in whole diamonds usually have a well-maintained website that gives detailed information about the kind of diamonds available along with their features and prices. You can order online after verifying their GIA certification. Apart from their price offer you may also want to look at other supportive services such as return policy, quality guarantee and shipping services.

Quality first
Getting the certification verified should be the first step of buying wholesale diamonds online. GIA has earned the reputation of being an unbiased third party laboratory for evaluating the authenticity of diamonds. They employ gemologists who have the required qualification to grade diamonds. Each single piece of diamond is given a unique number which grades that diamond according to the 4 Cs. The certificate issued is protected against any tampering. When you plan to buy wholesale diamonds online, don’t forget to ask for the certifications, which may be required for insurance claims in case of any unforeseen events.

Understanding the relationship between shapes and wholesale diamond prices
Round cut is the original shape of diamonds and is also more brilliant in appearance. Due to its shape, there is proper reflection of light which makes it look brighter. The price for round diamonds is also more than other fancy cut diamonds. You can also get princess cut, oval, pear, heart shaped, Asscher cut, marquise and emerald cut diamonds.

Among all the fancy cut diamonds, princess cuts are highest in demand because they can be flexibly used in all types of jewelry, especially in engagement rings. In case of Asscher cut diamonds, you could choose two varieties – the antique ones and the contemporary version with modifications. There are lots of resources available to help you in choosing wholesale diamonds online based on their shape, cut and clarity.

The carat weight, cut, color and clarity of diamonds are factors that influence the cost of diamond. It may happen that two diamonds have similar carat weight but the other variables can also take up the price or take it down. The higher the carat size, the more will be the price of the diamond. Wholesale diamond prices will also increase with the weight on a price-per-carat basis. The thing about cut is that it is often mistaken for the shape of the diamond but it refers to the polish proportion and symmetry. A perfectly cut diamond will show unparalleled brilliance, fire and scintillation.

Diamond clarity is measured on an eleven-point scale prepared by GIA. Lesser blemishes and inclusions make diamonds higher on clarity scale. Now, that you have formed a basic understanding of diamonds it will be easier for you to get good quality wholesale diamonds online and determine if the wholesale diamond prices quoted to you are the best.

True color also determines the price of wholesale diamonds online. True white color diamonds or yellow, pink and blue ones are priced higher than wholesale diamond prices those having other colors.

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