Will the Swtor Big Announcement on Next Tuesday Be Really Big as Expected?

Posted by gracedashen on November 27th, 2015

The mystery is all around swtor players when Swtor showed a strange message on Twitter to announce there will be a big announcement for subscribers next Tuesday, December 1. However, among all expectation and speculations, some players suggested that you'd better not hold too much hope as swtor has a history of over hyping little things. How do you think about it? Explore details with Swtor2credits now.You can buy cheapest swtor credits and enjoy best service on swtor2credits.

Swtor unknown "big announcement" caused heated discussion

Without any further details, the Swtor team just told that a big announcement will be revealed for all Subscribers on 1st December, when the next SWTOR Producer Live Stream hits from 03:00PM PDT(23:00GMT) to 03:30 M PDT. An announcement of a big announcement, so what do you think it will be, or what do you expect it to be? As much as I would love it if they were introducing some new content such as a new Operation or Warzone, it is more likely to be new story content in the upcoming kotfe chapters. Why we said so? Swtor2credits provides two facts to give evidence: The fact that the announcement is for subscribers (you are supposed to remember that new story is now gated by a subscription) and the fact that many Bioware writers, such as Drew Karpyshyn and Charles Boyd who are excited for it and also twittered the message. Both of these can lead one to assume that it is to do with upcoming story content. Of course, it is not impossible for them to give a new pvp map, new companion for subs, greater monthly cc or so, so just mark the date if you don't want to miss anything important.

Will it be overhyped when Bioware told a big announcement?

Many players might complaint that SWTOR has a history of over hyping little things and as a result, disappointed players with mediocre revelations. For example, "choices matter" in kotfe was kinda overhyped. Players were excited to see what difference their effort would bring, but failed and saw there is nothing important happened as an unintended result. Besides, with the exception of cross-role companions and specialists, they finally shown to be homogeneous and run in the same way. Thus, this BIG announcement seems not so likely to be such big as a new Warzone and Operation. So what do you think the announcement will entail?

In all seriousness, Swtor2credits won't be getting hopes up for anything spectacular, but, at the same time, we won't want to miss any information, which is also our sincere suggestion for all of you. If you are fond of swtor kotfe, just stay tuned for more details and buy swtor credits to enjoy the game!

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