How to Play Deadman Mode to Make RS Deadman Gold Fast without Dying

Posted by honggi on November 27th, 2015

It is challenging to play in Deadman mode. It is hard for you to make money from others and you will be attracted any where in game, even in ”safe zones”. So it is very necessary for you to buy RS 07 Deadman gold from a online gold seller. RSorder can be a great choice for you since you can always get cheapest old school rs deadman mode gold with fast delivery on RSorder. Apart from enough RS Deadman mode gold, you should also master some useful tips to make money in game.

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Avoid guarded zones if you have a skull

Make sure to avoid guarded zones (safe zones) if you have a skull. It is very necessary for you to learn the map of Runescape to know where are exact location of these safe zones. If you do not learn the map, you will run into multi-way combat zones, safe zones, clans, etc. You see, there are absolutely NO warnings when you are enter safe zones when under dangerous situation. When you attack someone in safe zones, it will cause you to start over, essentially. If you need RS Deadman gold to arm your character, you can buy cheap DMM gold on RSorder.

Always right click in game

It make you lose everything in your bank if you mis-clicked in the bank. Always make sure to right click in Deadman mode. You should not left click unless you are clicking the minimap. The good news is that Old School team update a fix for the left-click attack bug. This fix reduces the likelihood of someone misclicking to essentially 0. That is to say, there should be no opportunity for players to misclick in guarded zones with the extensive attack priority options in game.

Protect your valuable items

It must cost you a lot to make some money in Deadman mode. So always make sure to protect the items and gears you can sell to rebuild with. Also you should protect at least ONE combat item so you can at least do Slayer or something to rebuild when you do die. When you are travel around in Deadman mode, always ensure to watch your surroundings. Also you can buy RS 07 Deadman gold cheap on RSorder to buy some useful weapons to enhance your character.

It is very necessary for you to have enough Deadman gold in your bank when playing in Deadman mode. RSorder is one of the best gold sellers among the market, and you can always get cheapest RS 07 Deadman gold on our site. The last round Thanksgiving Special promo will be available on Nov. 30, and you can get cheapest RS Deadman mode gold form this event. Have fun.

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