Future of tattoo inspired clothing in Australian society

Posted by rohny on November 28th, 2015

Future of tattoo inspired clothing in Australian society


Annex, Liquorbrand, Black Market Art, Ink Addict, Hyraw, Lowbrow Art Company, Curbside Clothing, Outlaw Threadz, Sourpuss Clothing, Steadfast Brand, Six Bunnies, , Trixie & Milo. Yep, these are some of the many tattoo inspired brands in Australia.

Australia is a huge country filled with a fascinating wildlife and stunning landscapes, that is why Australians are such nature lovers. They love to explore and everyday something new can be discovered, the environment there is much more casual and relaxed than America and Europe. There is a greater sense of freedom and that has greatly contributed to the Australia fashion consisting of Indie, Bohemian, Alternative clothing . Australians express themselves through their outfits and the image they create. Aussies are pretty chill and they do not care about what others think because of which they end up wearing what they want to and doing what they like.

Tattoos are inking one’s body with designs according to one’s choice, they are permanent so one usually is very thoughtful of what they get inked. They are a form of expressing their thoughts and ideas, social, political as well as spiritual. Many people, however, are not okay with inking themselves either because of its permanency or the pain or the stigmatization. Thus, Alt clothing has become all the rage these days. This fashion is about adding those tattooed designs on the garments such as shirts, shorts, hoodies, and skirts. The designs do not have to be something specific, one just has to lose themselves in their imagination and draw from the heart. Many tattoo artists are famous for drawing cars and women while some are known for drawing tribal designs and folk art, some tend to draw only religious subject matters while some draw cartoon characters. The body is a canvas for these creative geniuses.

 This subculture is not really time-oriented as this style moves at its own pace, in no way in relation with global fashion trends. These Australians do not care about what is going on in Paris and Milan. They have their own style, attitude, thoughts and dreams. This is a medium for them to express themselves as they are usually introspective and introverts. This style is much in touch with people’s life experiences as well as hopes and philosophies.

This style has emerged greatly which has made numerous brands to sell these types of clothes and accessories. Many of these brands operate through a website to reach customers worldwide. MusInk, Rebel Circus, InkAddict, Sugar Skulls, Atomic Cherry, Australia Beserk, Juggernort, Ominous Clothing, Zanylol, Cutthroat Clothing, and Velvet Vixens; these are all brands which sell tattoo inspire  clothing http://musink.com.au/  in Australia. From hoodies, accessories, bags, shirts, tanks to even pillows and kitchenware!

Australia’s millennial’s are branching out in ways the previous generations would have never imagined. The world is their oyster and it is their time. They have a highly defined sense of freedom. Everyone is entitled to their own individuality and they have the right to feel comfortable with it. Even if they do not, they do not care as it is their life. It is up to them whether they want to dye their hair green and wear skirts with skulls on them. One should be proud of themselves no matter how much others judge. We only get one life and we deserve to live it the way we want to. 

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