How is a Micro Distillery Different from a Regular Distillery?

Posted by Nadia Winget on June 8th, 2021

The craft spirits movement that has become so popular in recent years has also brought about the popularity of the small-time distillers (or micro distillers as they used to be known), who create these artisan beverages such as craft gin, whiskey and others. The difference between these small-time distillers and large-scale mass distillers is a fine line indeed, since there is no legal term describing the two different types of manufacturers.

In general terms however, there seems to be a huge difference in the two.

-          Craft distillers are small independent companies and have real everyday people working behind the scenes in the actual production process to create their artisan beverages, while with the larger companies we don’t really see the human side of the operations.

-          The small distillers are far more passionate about their product and to this extend go to the trouble of hand picking their ingredients, unlike large scale manufacturers.

-          Profits earned by these small craft distilling companies goes back into their production and back into the local community where they buy their ingredients from, while in large corporations the profits are shared among a few top executives.

-          Craft spirits are far more flavourful and aromatic than the regular mass-produced spirits you get in the market.

-          The market is bombarded with mass produced spirits, while craft distillers have a very limited output per annum, and hence you will see a very small quantity around the local pubs and wine shops.

There is no doubt that owing to the better flavour and experience of craft spirits, more and more people are turning from the tasteless beverages they were used to, to far more delightful and adventurous ones. While it is true that craft spirits like craft gin and even craft beer, are a little difficult to find, these days there are many ecommerce sites that are dedicated to promoting these small-time craft distillers and brewers by selling their products online, and best of all, they also offer home booze delivery in London and elsewhere, making it easy and convenient to find and enjoy your favourite craft spirit.

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