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Posted by GeorgeVelvet on November 28th, 2015

If you are looking to move your office to a new location, you will need to hire a packer and mover. These people are highly professional in the way they deal with their customers, but can you ever be completely reliant on these people? Probably not… you will not breathe easy till the time all your office stuff is relocated to the new location, unpacked and put in their respective places. If you are even slightly paranoid about letting someone else handle your sensitive office stuff, opt for self drive van hire London. And if you also need to relocate your people to the new location, look at self drive minibus hire London.

Everyone has standard office furniture, fixtures and other pieces of equipment. Before you start the process of relocating your entire office to the new location, it is important to go through the dos and don’ts of office relocation. You will come to know that there is the need for a checklist where you jot down all the items related to your relocation. As you complete the items on the list, you simply need to keep ticking off these items in your checklist. Because you will be using self drive van hire London, you will only need a packer (or you may even do the packing yourself). Once the packing is done and all the items are packed inside the van, you can go ahead and start the journey.

One of the critical elements of office relocation is to make the list of items that you wouldn’t send in a van, especially when you hire a packer and mover for the job. If something goes wrong during the transit process, you could be left to rue your decision. But if you opt for self drive van hire London, this issue becomes a non-issue. Here you are able to carry all the important documents with you – they will be safe because they will be with you.

Once the packing and moving is done, you may also want to relocate your entire staff and for this, self drive minibus hire London does prove to be extremely handy. There is no driver to deal with and this means people will not need to wait for the minibus to arrive. You or someone else in the team will do the driving – people will just need to pack into the minibus and the journey can start.

The concept of self drive minibus hire London also works when you want to offer transportation to your staff members. One designated person can be the driver, pick up your staff members from across locations and reach the office. A minibus with a driver is maybe more convenient, but self drive means you are not dependent on anyone else.

You can easily choose from the wide number of options for self drive van hire London and self drive minibus hire London. The booking can be done online – increase the period of the booking and you will also get a price benefit.

With the options of self drive van hire London and self drive minibus hire London, transportation becomes easy.

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