Alkaline Water's Molecular Hydrogen Rich Therapeutic Health Benefits

Posted by Rajeev Sahadevan on November 29th, 2015

Alkaline water is full of health benefits by being antioxidant in nature and for having many minerals and vitamins that are in readily available form for the body. All the benefits of alkaline water is due to the presence of the molecular hydrogen. Molecular hydrogen is simply the hydrogen atom in its real form. The hydrogen gas that is not attached to any other molecule, just free hydrogen. It is found that all the goodness of alkaline water is because of the molecular hydrogen and it is this form that the body cells can use easily without any other chemical reactions to make it available.

Alkaline water and molecular hydrogen

Alkaline water especially that is ionized has healing powers. The antioxidant property of the ionized water protects the cells from damage, neutralize the acidic body fluid, improves mental and physical wellness and there are much more. All of these are because of the molecular hydrogen, H2. The importance of this alkaline water and its therapeutic benefits increases with the fact that this free hydrogen is very rare to find. This free hydrogen is produced in the alkaline water by getting a magnesium stick in the water that triggers the release of hydrogen in the water.

Therapeutic health benefits of alkaline water’s molecular hydrogen

  • Preventive: Molecular hydrogen can prevent the onset of many metabolic syndromes including type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The presence of molecular hydrogen increases the natural antioxidants in the body and shows tremendous improvement in blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

  • In cancer: Drinking alkaline water rich in molecular hydrogen helps those who are undergoing the chemotherapy. The hydrogen protects the cells from further damage and assists in cell repair as well. Drinking this alkaline water do not compromise the radiation therapy by any means.

  • Against free radicals: The active hydrogen ion sin the alkaline water binds to the free radicals and neutralize them. This helps prevent inflammation, and related many other diseases. When the body accepts the molecular hydrogen, it is converted into active hydrogen ions. It is these hydrogen ions that remove the free radicals or the active oxygen by forming water molecules or neutralizing the molecules.  

  • Other benefits: Hydrogen rich water can lubricate the muscles and joints far better than plain water. It alerts the mind, help absorb the nutrients far better, assists in the free flow of blood by removing the acidity from blood, helps regulate the body temperature, aids in detoxification process etc.

How does the molecular hydrogen work?

Hydrogen acts as an antioxidant by forming the hydrogen ions. These ions will combine with the free radical to stop their tirade. It also works on to fuel up the ATP formation and burst the body with some new energy. When there is enough energy and there are very less oxidative molecules, the body will be able to heal itself faster. The presence of minerals and vitamins in the alkaline water provides the necessary nutrition for the same. The molecular hydrogen is not the healing factor, it is the key to improve the natural healing and therapeutic ability of the body.

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