What is laser hair removal?

Posted by smotij on November 29th, 2015

How can someone benefit from laser hair removal?
laser hair removal agoura hills is a procedure in the medical industry that gets rid of any hair that is unwanted by using an intense beam of pulsating light or otherwise known as a laser. During the process of a laser hair removal the laser goes through the skin and ‘attacks’ each individual follicle of hair. The massive amount of heat that is coming from the laser itself is what damages the hair and stops it from growing ever again.

The process of laser hair removal is one of the most common cosmetic procedures that are done within the United States of America; women, who are tired of always waxing, tweezing and or shaving, mainly do it. You can get hair removed in just certain areas or all over such as underneath the arms, the legs, the upper lip, the eyebrow area and so much, much more. With that being said there are several benefits to going with laser hair removal and they include:

Speed – With every pulse that the laser emits it can treat more than one hair at a time and it only takes a part of a second to complete. To be more specific about every second of treatment you will have another area that is about the size of quarter that will forever be hairless. Examples of this are how it can take a minute or less to complete the hair removal on an upper lip but with areas that are larger in size such as legs or the back it can take up to a whole hour or longer to complete.

Precision – The laser allows you target absolutely everything in a pin-pointed manner; this means that even the darkest and coarsest hairs can be removed with the beam and the skin that is surrounding those areas will remain completely undamaged.

Predictability – When it comes to majority of patients who go through the process of laser hair removal it can take anywhere from three sessions to seven whole sessions to get the hair to be all the way gone and permanently never come back again.

Something that is very important for you to know when it comes to this process is that there are risks and you did need to prepare yourself before going through with the procedure. For example, you should stop plucking and or waxing about six weeks before the treatment and you should do your best to avoid the sun about six weeks before and six weeks after the treatment because, the sun makes the results less effective and the waxing and plucking temporarily removes the roots of the hair, which is what is needed to remove it all the way.

You should speak to a professional and check out their credentials before going with someone; the top professionals for laser hair removal northridge can be found in Northridge as well as in West Lake Village. For more information check out the following website:

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