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Posted by johnsmith001 on November 29th, 2015

Ac is nothing new; actually, the chemistry behind ac was first discovered throughout the 1800s. However, like most of the appliances we take for granted in society, recent advances in technology have changed the character of this tool which has made our homes and offices a lot more comfortable, especially in Jacksonville, Sarasota.

Programmable thermostats

Basic ac was simple: a button to turn it off and on, and probably a second control for that fan speed. However, advances in technology possess made the programmable thermostat a typical feature on air conditioners, allowing homeowners to adjust their rancho bernardo air conditioner repair to maintain a completely cooled environment. These thermostats also help to make AC more energy efficient because they may be programmed to cool only the parts of your house or workplace that you're using or to switch off while people are from the office or away at home.

Cleaner air

Another improvement recently has been a concentrate on cleaner air, both in the manner that the air conditioner itself operates and within the functions performed by the system.

Original rancho bernardo air conditioning service utilized Freon gases - possibly chlorofluorocarbon, hyrdofluorocarbon, or hytrogenated chlorofluorocarbon since the primary cooling agent. These types of gases are toxic within and of themselves.
Newer ac units have replaced these regular gases with ones which are less dangerous to environmental surroundings, and as of 2010 the less hazardous gases will be standard in most new units.
While HVAC units accustomed to simply heat or awesome air, the latest models may also dehumidify and filter air to enhance air quality and even slow up the suffering of people along with allergies.

Emphasis on effectiveness

Filtering air and eliminating harmful Freon is not the only method that cooling your office or home has changed. New Air conditioning units are also more power efficient.

As of The month of january, the lowest acceptable SEER (energy efficiency rating in the Energy Star board) for new central ac systems was increased in order to 13 from its prior low of 10.
More units now use fans that still blow after the compressor becomes off, taking advantage from the left over cool air that could otherwise remain unused

rancho bernardo air conditioner repair is something which we often ignore, especially in Jacksonville Florida and also the surrounding areas. However, every time we enjoy the sensation of cool air indoors on the hot summer day, we should set aside a second to appreciate the methods AC has been created more energy efficient and less bad for the environment due in order to recent improvements.

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