The Value of a Digital News Initiative for Media Organizations

Posted by McDaniel Lindegaard on June 8th, 2021

The Digital News Initiative (DNI) is a European organisation established by Google to 'support high quality journalism through innovation and technology'. It encompasses an "innovation fund" of around €150m, that in next year issued grants to 4 solely independent news organisations covering areas of innovation in four countries - Spain, Italy, Netherlands and Portugal. This is the first time that a media company has been given such a large amount of funding. The core value that the DNI brings to the industry is "the value of information", as they strive to provide unique and original content. They are particularly keen to cover sectors where it is considered to be neglected, in order to give more "depth" to their reporting. The DNI also organises "digital events" for local communities, in an attempt to create awareness and generate interest in the digital news initiative and its areas of coverage. These events tend to run for a week and feature a number of different segments all focused on the digital news initiative theme. They include product demos, market research surveys and social media interaction with key customers or stakeholders. The digital news industry is very much part of the overall internet and online media landscape. It provides a platform through which businesses and consumers can engage with one another. It is also the main basis of any meaningful discussion about new products, innovations and new processes/improvements. Furthermore, this activity fosters fresh new ideas and new markets. For example, a report recently out of the UK said that the explosion of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube was having a dramatic effect on the way that news is shared and consumed. Therefore, it makes sense that the digital news initiative wishes to remain on top of any emerging trends or technological developments. The DNI has several ways of doing this, but its most significant efforts are its digital news websites and apps. These serve a number of important functions for the organization. For one thing, digital news sites work as online repositories. They collect, store and provide news stories, videos and other information from all over the web. This information is then made available via news apps, which are available for all Android, Apple and Windows smartphones. This digital news content is organized in a manner that makes it easy for users to consume it. This ease of use then allows users to share the information and videos they have just seen or read articles, reports and other materials with their friends and colleagues. Digital news also helps strengthen the industry that is represented by media outlets. For instance, news organizations can boost their credibility by providing information and insights from leading industry insiders. This makes them appear more credible and less subject to the whims of journalists and other media personalities who might want to sensationalize the information first. Further, the digital news serves to remind readers about significant industry-related events. This means that a story about a new Apple device in the market can be shared among techies. Such stories serve to boost interest in the Apple brand. There are agency that digital news can help strengthen the influence of newsrooms. The organization can do this by producing its own news content. This can further strengthen ties between newsrooms and their respective industry peers. Through digital newsrooms, news organizations can also learn more about what their target audience is looking for. For instance, a sports newsroom can learn about stories, rumors and other breaking sports news from prominent sports bloggers and experts. A digital news initiative can go a long way in strengthening relations between industry players and stakeholders. In agency , digital news has even provided an opportunity for stakeholders and players in the same industry to come together. For example, car manufacturers, car dealers and insurance companies have come together in an effort to promote better deals for car owners. Through digital news, these players can let their respective audiences know about such agreements, thus increasing the influence that they have in the market.

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