What Are the Advantages of Hair Regrowth Treatment?

Posted by Dr. Debraj Shome on November 30th, 2015

Any hair regrowth treatment will aim to restore healthy hair growth and prevent further hair loss, but only a few known treatments have been proven to actually work. The good news is, there are some very promising new technologies. The latest hair growth therapies discovered and developed by skilled and renowned physicians are delivering fantastic results. QR678 treatment is one of the hair regrowth treatments that is gaining popularity in India. It is non-surgical and considered an advanced hair growth treatment, which aims to facilitate hair growth and prevent hair loss.

QR678 hair regrowth treatment works due to a key mixture of ingredients containing growth factors that stimulate hair growth. The advanced formula was established by two of the best physicians in India after four years of research. They found the treatment to be all natural and costs much less than what you would have to pay for in a hair transplant surgery. This way, hair regrowth treatment can be much accessible to individuals who want a simpler and more effective way to restore their hair and treat bald patches. QR678 hair regrowth treatment may be administered prior to an actual hair transplant procedure, too. This way, you can reduce the bald patches and the transplant will only be provided to a smaller area, resulting in a less invasive and a more cost-effective procedure.

It does not take long to administer the 1mL injections into your scalp. The growth factors are directly delivered to targeted tissue layers, taking only about five minutes as you are seated comfortably in the clinic. QR678 injections do not require any local anaesthetics, and they are virtually painless. It may take about eight to 10 sessions of injections spaced between two and four weeks for hair growth in bald patches to become more obvious. Four to six sessions are usually required before you can witness obvious hair growth. To maintain and support the hair regrowth, dermatologists may prescribe hair regrowth lotions and tablets for hair growth.

It is better to seek QR678 hair regrowth treatment from experienced and skilled physicians in India to make sure that it is completely safe and effective. About 90 percent of people who tried QR678 treatment in a preliminary study saw 80 percent of hair growth on their bald patches within six months. So far, there are no known risks or side effects to the treatment QR678 does not get absorbed into your blood stream.

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