A Holistic View on Naturopathy Treatment for Infertility

Posted by PureHerbalAyurvedClinic on November 30th, 2015

Naturopathy treatment has helped numerous men and women successfully deal with their infertility issues. Following the medication and the lifestyle suggested by the Ayurvedic doctors have allowed people to become proud parents when other forms of treatment had proved unsuccessful.

Highlights of Naturopathic Infertility Treatment

Naturopathic medication follows a philosophy that the body that can heal itself. Men and women have been able to successfully overcome their problems with the help of prescribed diet and medicines. Ayurvedic experts prescribe various herbs, plant and flower extracts for the healing process to occur and for the couple to conceive a baby.

These days, such leaves and herbs are formulated for use as capsules or other forms of medication and given to couples for their treatment. This has proved beneficial for patients living in the cities. With the advancement in naturopathic formulations, they can conveniently shop for medicines online or from neighbourhood treatment centres.

Women in their early thirties suffering from sterility can undergo a naturopathic treatment for 4-8 months instead of trying any artificial alternative such as IVF to conceive. Six months of treatment is ideal for women in their late thirties looking forward to conceiving naturally.

Most men suffer from sterility because of health problems as well as from regular stress. Even in this case, a naturopathic treatment of 4-6 months can be ideal for them to cure their problem the natural way before planning a family.

Recommendations to Boost Fertility while Undergoing Treatment

Avoid exposure to chemicals

Those who are undergoing the naturopathic treatment to enhance their fertility are mostly recommended to stay away from harmful chemicals. The chemicals can be in their food, the air they are breathing or the water they are taking, or in their working environment. Often people working in chemical factories, laboratories, and plants face such problems. Knowing what chemicals to avoid will help the patient to identify the source and distance himself or herself from it during the treatment period.

Opting for fertility-friendly diet

Fresh and organic foods are best for people under naturopathic treatment for boosting their fertility. It is better if they eat organic vegetables and fruits instead of the other more common varieties that are grown in farms that use insecticides. Ayurvedic experts also advise patients to avoid red meat and instead opt for fresh fish and chicken. Sea fish have Omega 3 fatty acids which also help in enhancing fertility.

Drinking fresh and filtered water

Most waterways are polluted due to waste from factories, laboratories, sewage and effluents, drugs, pesticides, industrial cleaning elements and other chemicals. The toxins often reach the water supplies and are regularly detected in water tests. As such, it is recommended by doctors to avoid drinking tap water directly, especially in areas where the quality of tap water is suspected. Patients are recommended to drink filtered water that has no such toxins. If travelling outdoors, they are advised to have bottled water instead.

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