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Posted by kilobytes technologies on June 9th, 2021

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most vital procedures of the complete umbrella known as Digital Marketing or Online Marketing as the name proposed. Search Engine Optimization can be defined as the process of the ranking website on Google which is based on the various algorithms as well as the detailed analysis of the website elements that are required in the Search Engine Optimization procedure. We all should assign the process to be undertaken by the prestigious SEO Expert in Mumbai. Search Engine Optimization has various elements that are undertaken before the real process of the SEO is started as the process is undertaken in the case for the prosperous benefit of the website owner. Search Engine Optimization is the process of proving to the search engines that we are the better content provider as compared to the others, our content will be knowledgeable, dynamic, as well as motivating the Country and its citizens. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most difficult as well as most of the results yielding online or digital marketing strategy. So, there is a question in my mind that what are the elements that are undertaken before starting the process of Search Engine Optimization?

There are many of the elements that are used or the steps are undertaken before starting the process of Search Engine Optimization, the elements are necessary as they decide that optimization activity that is done is ethical or can be classified as unethical. The elements are briefly described below, as these are pre-SEO services. The elements are as follows: -

Keyword Research: - Keyword Research is the search of the prime words on which the site of the owner can be ranked without much difficulty as well as can contain much of the traffic. The keywords should be easy to rank but with a lot of traffic. Nowadays many tools help in ethical keyword research. The best SEO Expert in Mumbai is always ready with many of the tools as well as the platform to entitle you with the best possible keyword on which your site can easily be ranked.

Website Audit: - Website of the project provider is analyzed to find that any of the things are as per the algorithm or it’s against the same matter of interest. If the element is as per the algorithm then the site is said to be following the ethical practice matters in the search engine optimization. If the site is stated as being against the algorithm then it’s said to be following the unethical practice of the same subject matters. The SEO Expert in Mumbai always uses ethical practices in the SEO forum.

Google My Business: - After the website Audit, as well as the Keywords, research the followed procedure is of developing the Google My Business that is particularly responsible for registering your business on the platform of Google. This helps in making your business digitally known.

The above elements should always be checked before the real process of Search Engine Optimization is started, as its help in the faster ranking of the entitled site.

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